Information for parents

Is someone in your family making choices about higher education? The information you have matters!

As a parent, carer or family member, the information you have can help a student make the right choice for them.

Below you can find a series of short animations that answer some of the most common questions parents and carers have about higher education.

Applying for University

Understanding Student Finance

Why go to University or College?

Macluumaadka ku socda waalidinta

Dalabka Jaamacada

Fahmada Lacagta Ardeyda (Student Finance)

Maxaad Jaamacad ama Koleejo u aadeysaa?

معلومات لأولياء الأمور

التقدم للالتحاق بالجامعة

فهم تمويل الطلاب (Student Finance)

لماذا يتعيّن عليّ الالتحاق بالجامعة أو الكلية؟

والدین کےلیے معلومات

طلباء سے متعلق مالی امور کو سمجھنا

یونیورسٹی یا کالج کیوں جائیں؟

یونیورسٹی کے لیے درخواست دینا