Higher Education Opportunities: Degree Apprenticeships

Thursday 14th June 2018

What is a Degree Apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship is a new vocational option in higher education. They are similar to higher apprenticeships, as you learn on the job and are paid, but you also work towards and earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree (depending on the level of the course).

These new degrees have been designed in partnership with employers. The courses combine full-time paid work and part-time university study (some local colleges also offer degree apprenticeships).

They take between three and six years to complete.

More information about Degree Apprenticeships is available on the Prospects website here.

Degree Apprenticeships in Action

Recently we met with Hannah, who is currently on a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship working for Naylor Industries and studying at Sheffield Hallam University. Previously Hannah studied A Levels in Business, IT and Biology at Barnsley Sixth Form.

“When I finished my A Levels I knew that I didn’t want to go to university full time, so a degree apprenticeship offered me the best of both worlds –  a full-time paid job whilst still getting to learn, progress and achieve an employer-funded degree.

I am doing my apprenticeship with Naylor Industries, which is a family-owned South Yorkshire company that manufactures construction and building products including clay pipes, plastic drainage systems and plastic ducting, concrete and environmental products.

My apprenticeship will take three and a half years, and I will also achieve chartered management status.

Every two months I am at university for a week where we concentrate on different modules. I attend lectures and seminars as well as participate in group presentations. The rest of my time is spent with my employer and 20% of that time focuses on training and working towards my degree. I find that it strikes a really good balance between work and study. I’m fortunate as I get to experience different departments as I move around the company depending on the module I am studying at university.

I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship so far, especially working in the sales and marketing department. It has allowed me to apply the knowledge I am learning at university in practice and in the workplace. If I was just at university I wouldn’t be able to do that, it would all be hypothetical. Unlike many other students when I finish my degree I will have a guaranteed job. I would definitely recommend a degree apprenticeship to other young people.”

Applying for a Degree Apprenticeship

Applying for a degree apprenticeship is different to applying for a degree. You apply directly to an employer for an apprenticeship vacancy that is linked to University or College degree level course. If you are successful in the interview with the employer, the University or College will confirm that you have the required level 3 qualification to join the course.

Find out more about the Degree Apprenticeships and the application process on the UCAS website here.