HeppSY+ Showcases Evaluation Framework

Tuesday 18th December 2018

HeppSY+ data and evaluation team share best practice with other widening participation and outreach schemes.

Widening participation outreach evaluators and practitioners gathered at the University of Sheffield on Monday 17th December for the NEON Establishing Evidence and Measuring Impact Working Group.

The group is organised jointly by EMWPREP and The University of Sheffield, having identified that establishing the impact of access to HE work is one of the biggest challenges facing the access community. The working group is an on-going forum that is actively trying to support and shape how widening participation initiatives prove the worth of their work. The working group advocates to policymakers, regarding how they can support those tasked with evaluation.

HeppSY’s Evaluation and Data Manager, Lucy Clague, was invited to speak about her innovative approach to evaluating the HeppSY+ Programme. Lucy outlined how she had constructed an evaluation framework in order to simplify and unify all of the many elements of the Programme, enabling her team to be able to both rapidly feed back discrete findings around ‘what works’ to the team, and also amalgamate overall findings into overarching synthesis around ‘what works’  linked to the HeppSY+ logic model targets.

Lucy said: “It was really exciting to be able to show our innovative evaluative approach to our peers from around the country. From the questions and conversations I had with the audience both during the presentation and afterwards it felt that they went away with some practical learning that they were going to apply to their own evaluation practice”.