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Volume 14 - Issue 1

Volume 14

Issue 1

People, Policy and Place relaunch: a note from the Editors

by PPP Editors

Volume 14 – Issue 1

Stuck at home in a cold home: the implications of Covid-19 for the fuel poor

by Baker, Ambrose, Brierley, Butler, Marchand and Sherriff

Volume 14 – Issue 1

Moments of alignment between devolved political ideology and policy design: the case of Wales

by Pearce, Sophocleous, Blakely and Elliott

Volume 14 – Issue 1

Insight Through Experience: How Expert Citizens are celebrating the nicest people

by Darren Murinas and Andy Meakin

Volume 14 – Issue 1

Positionality, Access to the Social Space and Place of Research: Narratives from Research in Low Resource Settings

by Lusambili, Bhanbhro and Muchanga

Volume 14 – Issue 1

Mapping the 2019 Indices of Deprivation

by Alasdair Rae

Volume 14 – Issue 1