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Volume 12 - Issue 2

Volume 12

Issue 2

PPP Special Issue Editorial: Part I

by Ellen Bennett, Will Eadson and Jill Dickinson

Volume 12 – Issue 2

Policy Review – The future of Public Parks in England: policy tensions in funding, management and governance

by Lynn Crowe

Volume 12 – Issue 2

From contest to context: urban green space and public policy

by Julian Dobson

Volume 12 – Issue 2

An exploration of unsheltered homelessness management on an urban riparian corridor

by Milo Neild and Jeff Rose

Volume 12 – Issue 2

Whose Park? The forty-year fight for Folkets Park under Copenhagen’s evolving urban managerialism

by Rebecca L. Rutt and Stephanie Loveless

Volume 12 – Issue 2

Greenspace & Environmental Justice: the case of Newcastle upon Tyne

by Elizabeth Brooks and Simin Davoudi

Volume 12 – Issue 2