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This site uses mostly relative font sizes and therefore is compatible with the user-specified text size option in visual browsers. The text size can be changed by holding down the 'ctrl' button and moving the mouse scroll wheel, or in Internet Explorer through the View > Text Size menu, and in Mozilla/Netscape, through the View > Text Zoom menu.

Internet Explorer 7 Users please note: Using the mouse scroll wheel in IE7 scales the whole screen. To scale text only instead, you must now use the View > Text Size menu.

Web standards

This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout and is built to W3C standards. The XHTML and CSS is valid and the site, according to our judgment of the guidelines, complies with the WAI level 2 accessibility guidelines.

Browser compatibility

We test all our sites in all modern browsers on Windows, MacOS and Linux. All pages on this site use structured semantic markup which means that if your browser or browsing device does not support stylesheets, the content of each page is still readable and is presented in a logical order.


The image used at the top of each page is ‘Blue wave’ by ‘Gigglejuice’. It is of the ‘Cutting Edge’ sculpture and water feature in Sheaf Square outside Sheffield Station.


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