Editorial Information

People, Place and Policy provides a forum for debate about the situations and experiences of people and places struggling to negotiate a satisfactory accommodation with the various opportunities, constraints and risks within contemporary society. It aims to foster dialogue between academics engaged in research and thinking about major societal challenges and concerned with identifying problems and suggesting solutions, and the policy-makers and practitioners charged with proffering a response to these challenges.

PPP-Online publishes reflections on broad theoretical and methodological debates, as well as findings from empirical studies and policy analysis. In addition, the journal welcomes think pieces and debates between academics, policy-makers and practitioners. The journal is UK focused, but will publish pieces of cross-national and international significance.

The range of contributions welcomed by the journal include:

  • research findings, including emerging findings from ongoing research
  • methodological discussions and reflections on research and evaluative techniques and approaches
  • policy reviews
  • literature reviews
  • opinion pieces, that will stimulate debate that might straddle a number of issues

Contributions should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. All submissions are subject to blind peer review.

The Editorial Board

Dr Richard Crisp - Sheffield Hallam University
Professor David Robinson - Sheffield Hallam University

Reviews Editor
Dr Tony Gore - Sheffield Hallam University

Editorial Group
Dr Rionach Casey - Sheffield Hallam University
Ms Karen Escott - Sheffield Hallam University
Professor John Flint - Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Rob Furbey - Sheffield Hallam University
Ms Anne Green - University of Warwick
Professor Malcolm Harrison - University of Leeds
Dr Paul Hickman - Sheffield Hallam University
Ms Kathleen Kelly - Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Dr Rob Macmillan - University of Birmingham
Ms Sarah Pearson - Sheffield Hallam University
Mr Ryan Powell - Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Kesia Reeve - Sheffield Hallam University
Professor Peter Wells - Sheffield Hallam University
Professor Pete Tyler - University of Cambridge

Editorial Assistant
Mrs Sarah Ward - Sheffield Hallam University

The editorial home of the journal is the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University.

Correspondence Address:

Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research
Sheffield Hallam University
Howard Street
S1 1WB.

Email: ppp-online@shu.ac.uk.