Guidance Advisers

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How Yes Progress! can help those offering guidance to adults

Yes Progress! will be useful to you as a guidance adviser if your adult clients (post 21) are interested in taking the first step to any sort of higher education level study in the Sheffield City Region.

The site offers adults one-stop information, tools and stories to help them take the first step to higher education - as a way to improve career prospects, cope with a changing job role, etc. Yes Progress! encourages adults to use their experience and skills – even if they do not have formal qualifications.

Some of the useful features of the site include:

  • Information about a range of issues which users will be thinking about e.g. ‘Money matters’, ‘What are the benefits?’, ‘What, where and how?’, etc.
  • A 'Recommended Resources' tool which will match what users need to know to the information that best meets their requirements
  • Access to 100+ videos of other adults talking about overcoming a range of issues and taking the first step to higher education
  • Access to online, impartial, advice and guidance
  • A Progression Planner which will help adults find the right qualification for them
  • A link to all colleges, training providers and universities in the South West region
  • A ‘Profile’ tool which will enable users to build and save a Profile of their skills and attributes and use this to help decision-making and applications – including for CVs.