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CS-LTA 2010: The First Conceptual Structures - Learning, Teaching and Assessment workshop at ICCS 2010

Date: 26th July 2010
Venue: ICCS 2010, Damai Beach Resort, Kuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA

Paper Submission

Paper submissions are therefore solicited on topics that include but are not restricted to the LTA of:

  • Conceptual Graphs theory or applications
  • Graph-based reasoning systems (e.g. RDF or Existential Graphs)
  • Formal Concept Analysis
  • Semantic Web Technologies
  • Ontologies
  • Concept Mapping
  • Peircian Logic and Semiotics
  • Peircian Pragmaticism
  • CS techniques derived from artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning, applied mathematics and lattice theory, computational linguistics, conceptual modeling and design, diagrammatic reasoning and logic, intelligent systems and knowledge management. 

Paper Submission Information


The CS-LTA 2010 workshop is using a 3rd party conference solution called EasyChair to manage its paper, abstract and poster submissions. Please read the following instructions below carefully.

  • If you haven't used EasyChair before

You will need to create an account with EasyChair before you are able to submit papers and/or abstracts for the conference.

Please note: When EasyChair asks for a Fax number and you don't have one, just enter your contact telephone number and state what type of number it is, e.g. Office

  • If you have used EasyChair(from registering on a previous conference)

If you have registered on EasyChair before for another conference, you are able to use the login details provided at the time to register for the CS-LTA 2010 workshop. EasyChair will automatically add you as an author when you submit an abstract and/or paper for the conference. EasyChair should display a list of the conferences you are registered to and your role in each conference when you login. If EasyChair does not display this, you can access this conference when you are logged in to EasyChair by clicking on 'EasyChair' and then clicking on 'Change Conference' in which the CS-LTA 2010 workshop link will be displayed.

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