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The Articles section of the Corvey Website contains general articles about the Corvey collection and its significance to the study of Romantic period literature. These articles are broader in scope than the research included in the CW3 section, which relate to specific authors and works.

The following is a selected hypertext bibliography, with links to published and previously unpublished material relating to the Corvey library collection.


E.J. Clery and Julie Shaffer, ‘The Sheffield Hallam Corvey Website: a Collaborative Excavation of the Professional Woman Writer’, a paper presented in a special session ‘Digitizing Romanticism’ organized by Neil Freistat at the annual conference of the North American Society for Studies in Romanticism, Halifax, Canada. Published on Romantic Circles website, August 1999.

E.J. Clery, ‘The SHU Corvey Project’, European English Messenger, VII: 1 (Spring 1999) 71-2. A summary of the Project’s history and aims.


Christopher Skelton-Foord, ‘Universalbibliothek der Trivialliteratur’, 1800-1830: Castle Corvey and the Distribution of Circulating-Library Fiction in English’, Library History 14 (November 1998), 117-32. A valuable investigation of the contents of the belles-lettres collection, discussing its areas of strength and weakness. Excellent bibliography.

E.J. Clery, ‘The SHU Corvey Project on Women’s Writing: An Account of the Second Phase’, British Association for Romantic Studies: Bulletin & Review, 14 (October 1998), 6-8. An outline of the plan of research in the second half of the four-year project on women’s writing, with a call for contributors to the new database.

E.J. Clery, ‘Canon Busting, the Sequel: an Experimental Fusion of Research and Pedagogy’. Paper delivered at the annual conference of the Council for College & University English, exploring the results and wider implications of the first year of the ‘Adopt an Author’ scheme.

E.J. Clery, The Sacred and Profane Library, Sheffield Hallam Corvey Website, July 1998. Considers the material history and ideological matrix of the Corvey library, as a transitional instance of bibliomania.

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