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Catalogues The Corvey Project at
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The catalogues offered here will give an idea of the full scope of the English-language section of the Corvey collection. The focus of the Corvey Project, in its initial stage, has been to create a database based exclusively on the female-authored belles-lettres and travel writing in the Corvey Microfiche Edition. But we have also prepared simple checklists of the holdings, which will allow researchers to browse through the contents of various parts of the CME. The Belles-lettres catalogue lists fictional, poetic, and dramatic works by men and women, and those authored anonymously (a prominent category in the collection). The General Women's Writing catalogue lists all writing in English by women: belles-lettres, travel writing, and also historical writing not yet available in the Corvey Microfiche Edition. The Travel Writing catalogue lists works by men and women, and anonymously authored.

The catalogue is organised according to author, with one page per initial letter. Use the letters at the top right of each page to move between pages.


Belles-lettres catalogue

General Women's Writing catalogue

Travel catalogue