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Susan Edmonstone Ferrier

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Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine (1824) volume 15

Interesting example of critical reception to The Inheritance.

Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine (1818) volume 3

Interesting example of critical reception to Marriage.

Bradley, Rose (1922) 'Susan Ferrier: a forgotten satirist'. Nineteenth Century and After, July/December 1922, volume 52.

Buckley, Jerome (1975) Season of Youth: The Bildungsroman from Dickens to Golding, Harvard University Press.

Cullinan, Mary (1984) Susan Ferrier, Twayne Publishers.

An excellent book that gives an insight into Ferrier’s life but also discusses her fiction in depth.

Dyer, Gary (1997) British Satire and the Politics of Style, 1789 - 1832, Cambridge University Press.

Davidoff, Leonore and Hall, Catherine (1987) Family Fortunes: Men and Women of the English Middle Class 1780 - 1850, Hutchinson

Ferrier, Susan Marriage: A Novel, Oxford University Press

This edition of Ferrier’s first novel had an interesting introduction.

Ferrier, Susan (1824) The Inheritance, 3 Volumes, Blackwood.

Foltinek (ed.) (1987) Susan Ferrier: Marriage (Book Review) Scottish Literary Journal, Supplement, no. 27

A lengthy and critical viewpoint of Ferrier’s work. Very interesting and useful.

Gifford, Douglas (ed.) (1988) The History of Scottish Literature, Volume 3, Aberdeen University Press.

Gives both a critical and appreciative opinion about Ferrier’s writing style. Admires but also criticises. Interesting comments about Ferrier’s apparent moral message. Helpful detailed criticism of both Marriage and The Inheritance.

Grant, Aline (1957) Susan Ferrier of Edinburgh; a biography Swallow

Very useful in providing information for my biography of the author. However there is very little critical discussion of the novelist's work.

Parker, W.M (1965) Susan Ferrier and John Galt, Longman

Provides useful biographical material and critical discussion of the author.

Royle, Trevor (1993) The Mainstream Companion to Scottish Literature, Mainstream Publishing Company.

An interesting starting point and basic biography.

Sage, Lorna (1999) The Cambridge Guide to Women’s Writing in English, Cambridge University Press.

A useful starting point that suggests some of her influences. Discussion of how the reception of her writing has changed.

Shattock, Joanne (1993) The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers, Oxford University Press.

Fairly detailed biography and also names her contemporary admirers.

Todd, Janet (ed.) (1989) Dictionary of British Women Writers, Routledge.

A useful starting point for further discussion. Suggests themes and also some interesting information as a biography.

Watson, Roderick (1984) The Literature of Scotland, Macmillan.

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