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Editorial Policies and copyright

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Editorial Policy

DAOL is an international journal published in the English language and with a broad remit to seek papers from all areas of discourse work. The review panel has been constituted to have expertise in this wide range of topics. Possible research areas include, but are not exclusively, the following:

  • Conversation Analysis
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Critical Linguistics
  • Cultural Studies
  • Discourse and New Media
  • Discourse Processes Research
  • Discursive Psychology
  • Feminist Discourse Analysis
  • Foucauldian Analysis
  • Interactional and Socio-linguistics

To be published by DAOL, papers will be of the same quality as that found in the range of paper based DA journals. In particular DAOL papers should demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics:

  • present new or novel approaches to data or analysis
  • present data on new contexts of discourse or types of data
  • contain original data analysis that clearly present and discuss the method of analysis
  • present new or novel theoretical insights
  • present or discuss cross-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary approaches to discourse and DA
  • offer critical reviews of DA practice and/or theory
  • discuss practical applications of discourse studies
  • Articles that are based around data and that clearly present and discuss the method of analysis are particularly sought.

All articles will, wherever possible, use the technologies of the World Wide Web to present and represent discourse work and data in novel and innovative ways.

DAOL publishes high quality fully refereed articles. These articles will have gone through the processes of peer review and, where appropriate, such revision as is recommended by the editors. This review process will in two stages: closed, private peer review; open, public peer review.

DAOL will be indexed and abstracted in the same manner as print journals.

DAOL articles and discussion groups will be permanently archived and available to researchers in electronic form.

Articles submitted to DAOL will be reviewed by members of its Editorial Board and other appointed international discourse scholars selected by the editors, who act in an advisory capacity to the editors. Whole articles are reviewed, not abstracts or summaries.

The Editorial Management Group, Editorial Advisory Group and Review Panel of DAOL are aware of the social, cultural and economic inequalities and other biases of using World Wide Web Technologies. All DAOL staff and group members express their commitment to encouraging the widest possible involvement with and use of the journal.

Articles for review will be subject to the Open Peer Review Process.


Notice of Copyright

DAOL is published by Sheffield Hallam University.

All work published in DAOL is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any manner or in any medium without the written consent of the Editorial Management Group, unless no charge is made for the copy containing the work or the excerpt, and the author's name and place of first publication appear on the work or the excerpt.

As a condition of publication, authors must assign copyright to DAOL.

Contributions to Debates
Non-exclusive rights for contributions to debates and comments on articles are requested so that these may appear in DAOL prior to publication elsewhere.

In all cases, the moral rights of the authors to their work remain with the authors.

Enquiries about copyright and obtaining consent for reproduction should be sent to the DAOL Team.