Early Modern Literary Studies
Special Issue Series
The Early Modern Literary Studies Special Issue Series is intended for collections of essays on related topics and for longer studies. To date, these include:
  1. New Scholarship from Old Renaissance Dictionaries: Applications of the Early Modern English Dictionaries Database. Ian Lancashire and Michael Best, eds. (April, 1997).
  2. The Internet Shakespeare: Opportunities in a New Medium. Michael Best, ed. (January, 1998).
  3. Literature and Geography. Richard Helgerson and Joanne Woolway Grenfell, eds. (September, 1998).

  4. Renaissance Literary Studies and Humanities Computing. R.G. Siemens and David R. Shore, eds. (January, 2000).

  5. Shakespeare on Screen. Michael Best, Lisa Hopkins and R.G. Siemens, eds. (May, 2000).

  6. Women Writers. Lisa Hopkins, ed. (January, 2001).

  7. Wrestling with God: Literature and Theology in the English Renaissance, Essays to Honour Paul Grant Stanwood. Mary Ellen Henley and W.Speed Hill, with R.G.Siemens, eds. (May, 2001).

  8. Listening to the Early Modern. Matthew Steggle, ed. (May, 2001).

  9. Constructions of the Early Modern Subject. Paul Dyck and Matthew Martin, eds. (January, 2002).

  10. Gold. Lisa Hopkins, ed. (September, 2002).

  11. Middleton. Lisa Hopkins and Matthew Martin, eds. (January, 2003).

  12. Monitoring Electronic Shakespeares. Michael Best and Eric Rasmussen, eds. (January, 2004).

  13. Computer Modelling of Performance Spaces. Gabriel Egan, ed. (April, 2004).

  14. Essays from the Fifth Biennial International Margaret Cavendish Conference. Lisa Hopkins, Emma Rees, and Gweno Williams, eds. (May, 2004).

  15. Court culture 1642-1660. Jerome de Groot and Peter Sillitoe, eds.

  16. The Long 1590s. Annaliese Connolly and Lisa Hopkins, eds.

  17. Bringing Text Alive: The Future of Scholarship, Pedagogy, and Electronic Publication. Shawn Martin, ed.

  18. George Gascoigne. Stephen Hamrick, ed.

  19. Embodying Shakespeare. David McInnis and Brett D. Hirsch, eds.

  20. Emblem Digitization: Conducting Digital Research with Renaissance Texts and Images. Mara R. Wade, ed.

  21. Shakespearean Configurations. Jean-Christophe Mayer, William H. Sherman, Stuart Sillars and Margaret Vasileiou, eds.


Requests for further information or proposals for guest-edited Special Issues should be addressed to the Editor, Matthew Steggle (M.Steggle@shu.ac.uk).

© 2004 , Matthew Steggle (Editor, EMLS).