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Discussion List

SHAKSPER Logbooks:

The SHAKSPER logbooks are the full-text of the discussions taking place on the list. They are now available in yearly volumes:

The 1998 logbook has recently been finalized and includes all discussions up to the end of December 1998.

We hope in the near future to implement a search engine providing full-text searches of the SHAKSPER discussions. At the moment the only way to find a particular discussion is to download to your own machine one of the volumes from the above list. If you have ZIP decompression software, choose the zipped file to save download time. If you do not have ZIP decompression software, or don't know if you have it, the plain text files can be read by all browsers on all computers.

Although there is no index to the full-text of the logs, this list of subject lines for each of the digests--that is, each collection of postings to the list--should help you find the message you want if you know the general topic being discussed. After the letters "SHK" in each subject line there is a 5 digit number in the form "x.yyyy" where 'x' is the volume number corresponding to Volumes 1-9 above.

Members Files (Updated on 25 February 2000)

The SHAKSPER membership files have been removed because a number of list-members have requested that their names be deleted. Since iEMLS aims merely to archive the SHAKSPER files, not to modify them, these requests cannot be satisfied other than by complete removal of the biographies.

Files Available on the SHAKSPER Fileserver (Updated on 7 December 1998)

iEMLS maintains an archive of all the files available on the SHAKSPER listserv. The index to these files is a document called FILES which we have made into a hypertext document linked to each of the files described.

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