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The list below represents the contents of Hardy Cook's extensive collection of Shakespearean and related material. It is updated by EMLS and made available by kind permission of the SHAKSPER-L mailing list

Files Available on the SHAKSPER Fileserver (Updated December 7, 1998).

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Information Files, Especially for New Members:

Reference Files:

Scholarly Papers:

Reviews and Performance Criticism:

Public Domain Shakespeare Files:


"Shakespeare and the Languages of of Performance" Electronic Workbook

These files contains an Electronic Workbook record of the work of "Shakespeare and the Languages of Performance" -- an NEH Seminar that met at the Folger Shakespeare Library from September 1992 through May 1993.

"Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance"

These files are the product of the 1995-96 NEH/Folger Institute on Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance.

Cahiers Élisabéthains

CAHIERS INDEX Subject Index to the first twenty years of Cahiers Élisabéthains, volumes 1 to 40 (1972-1991). The index was compiled by Angela R. Maguin and prepared for electronic distribution on SHAKSPER by Luc Borot.

Member Files

The membership files of SHAKSPER contain the names, email addresses, and self-composed brief biographies of subscribers--past and present--to the list. On the listserver these are organized into 74 discreet files organized chronologically. iEMLS has compiled an A-Z listing of these biographies which is available from our main SHAKSPER archive page..


All conference transmissions are automatically logged by LISTSERV in rather mechanically-named weekly notebooks. iEMLS has compiled yearly logs which are available from our main SHAKSPER archive page.

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