ISSN 1478-3703
Volume 9
December 2006

Historicising the Historical Novel


Chris Hopkins: Historicising the Historical Novel: Introduction

Gillian Polack: Conceptualising The Past: How Fiction Writers Talk About The Middle Ages

Lisa Hopkins: Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond and Niccolò series: History versus Experience

Diana Wallace: Why Tulips? A Case-Study in Historicising the Historical Novel

Lisa Fletcher: "His paintings don't tell stories . . .": Historical Romance and Vermeer

Jeffrey Scraba: How to Do Things with Worlds: Walter Scott's Experiments in Historiographic Theory

Nele Bemong: "En Toch, Wat is Eigentlyk het Historieke Roman?" The Emergence of the Historical Novel as a Distinct Genre in Belgium in the 1830s and 1840s

Dr. Esther MacCallum-Stewart: The Cause of Nowadays and the End of History: First World War Historical Fiction

Laura Tanenbaum: "The Availing Stuff of our Experience": The Historical Novel and the American Sixties

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