ISSN 1478-3703
Volume 3
April 2002

Cross Cultural Linguistic Politeness Research Group: Introduction

Francesca Bargiela: et al:' Ethnocentrism, Politeness and Naming Strategies'

Chris Christie: 'Politeness and the Linguistic Construction of Gender in Parliament'

Karen Grainger: 'Politeness or Impoliteness?: Verbal Play on the Hospital Ward'

Andrew Merrison: 'Politeness in Task-Oriented Dialogue'

Louise Mullany: '"I don't think you want me to get a word in edgeways, do you John?": Reassessing (im)politeness, language and gender in political broadcast interviews'


Ann Bayraktaroglu and Maria Sifianou, eds., Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries (Corinne Boz)

Gino Eelen, A Critique of Politeness Theories (Abdurrahman Hamza)

Saeko Fukushima, Requests and Culture (Andrew Merrison)

Helen Spencer-Oatey, ed., Culturally Speaking (Sara Mills)


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