ISSN 1478-3703
Volume 4
September 2002


Lisa Hopkins and Matthew Steggle: Introduction

Michael Best: 'Teaching Shakespeare to Judith: Gender Politics in Distance/Online Teaching'

Ty Buckman: '1590s London: Charting a Course Through Later Tudor Culture'

Robert C. Evans: 'Internet Resources for Teaching Early Modern English Women Writers'

Matthew C. Hansen: 'Learning to Read Shakespeare: Using Read-Throughs as a Teaching and Learning Strategy'

Roze Hentschell: 'Teaching in Context/Reading on the Margins: Renaissance "Non-canonical" Literature on the "Undergraduate Syllabus"'

Carrie Hintz: 'Satan is Not A Literary Character: Teaching Early Modern Literature to Religiously Committed Students'

W. Scott Howard: 'Reconfiguring Wit: Shakespeare, Film and the Critique of Genius'

Rowland Wymer: '"The Audience Is Only Interested in Sex and Violence": Teaching the Renaissance on Film'

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