ISSN 1478-3703
Volume 6
June 2003


Mary Grover and Chris Hopkins: Introduction

Graham Barnfield: A Reversal of Fortune: Cuture and Crisis, Yesterday and Today

John Baxendale: Re-narrating the Thirties: English Journey revisited

Kristin Bluemel: Mulk Raj Anand's Passage through Bloomsbury

Stephen Brauer: Moving beyond the Genre: The Critical Reception of Detective Fiction of the 1930s

Jane Dowson: Poetry and the Listener: The Myth of the Middlebrow

Claire M .Tylee: 'Ticketing oneself a Yid: Generic Fiction, Antisemitism and the Response to Nazi Atrocities in Naomi Jacob's 1936 novel, Barren Metal

Janine Utell: The Loss of History: The Publishing of 30s Documentary, Word and Image

Chris Vials: How the Proletarian Novel became Mass Culture; God's Little Acre and the Realist Aesthetics of the 1930s Left

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