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The Shepheardes Calender

Edmund Spenser

A Note on the Renascence Editions text:

 This html edition (May, 1996) of The Shepheardes Calender is the second edition of that originally prepared in ASCII in 1993 by Risa S. Bear from the John C. Nimmo facsimile (London, 1895) of the British Museum copy of the first edition of 1579. A number of errors were found in the first edition and have been corrected; it is to be hoped that new errors were not introduced. Long "s" has been modernized, "vv" has been replaced by "w", and catchwords have been omitted. Sixteenth century usage of "i" for "j" and of "u" and "v" has been retained, along with the original spelling. Text found in the original in Greek has been transliterated within brackets. A few printer's errors have been emended, also within brackets. The poems, which were originally in black letter, have been romanized. "E. K."'s notes in the original and in most editions are arranged in hanging indent paragraphs; these have been reformatted and hyper linked to the poems. The 12 woodcuts are included as inline GIF images. They load slowly, but have not been reduced as the information they contain is valuable. They can be displayed or printed at high resolution. The editor gratefully acknowledges the helpful comments of Dr. G. William Rockett of the University of Oregon. This edition is copyright © The University of Oregon; it is distributed for scholarly and nonprofit purposes only.


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