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Working with Aimhigher

Our co-location with Aimhigher South Yorkshire has helped to facilitate effective communication and opened many avenues for joint working, the fruits of which have benefited both learners and staff.

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Go Higher - Stay Local
More than 800 students attended the 4th HE in FE progression opportunities fair in April 2009, attracted to the HUBs (Sheffield Hallam University's Students' Union building) by the interactive experiences and performances. As in previous years, the event was successfully organised and funded by Aimhigher South Yorkshire, but Higher Futures played a central role in publicity and promotion, utilising the IAG and transition team to identify and enthuse the hundreds of local learners who came to find out more about their higher education options.

Research and evaluation workshops
The need to evaluate performance and achievements against business aims and objectives is a priority Aimhigher and Higher Futures both share. We recognised this mutual interest could benefit from combining energies to provide some practical help and support to practitioners across both networks. The result was
a series of workshops focusing on the vital research and evaluation skills they would need to begin their own small-scale projects and analyse their own activity. Nearly 40 Aimhigher and Higher Futures colleagues participated in the workshops, which were delivered by our jointly funded Research Development Officers.
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