2005 - Kathy Towers, Slow Time

“The poet's (at times slightly eerie) control and calm at first belie an impressive thematic range and scale – which include prehistory, language, science, belief, love and death. Though not dependent on conceits, these are a kind of contemporary metaphysical poetry, in the sense that they are acts of imaginative passion driven by a fascination with the possibilities of knowledge. Such pleasurable and serious excitement is to be warmly welcomed.” (Sean O'Brien, 'Preface')

Launch night: F.O.B. Cafe/Bar, Church Street, Sheffield, 09 November, from 7.30 p.m.


2004 - Frances Leviston, Lighter
2003 - James Sheard, Hotel Mastbosch
2002 - Andrea Dow, Waiting
2001 - Tim Turnbull, Work
2000 - Tony Williams, Rhetoric