2005 - Kathy Towers, Slow Time

The poet's (at times slightly eerie) control and calm at first belie an impressive thematic range and scale which include prehistory, language, science, belief, love and death. Though not dependent on conceits, these are a kind of contemporary metaphysical poetry, in the sense that they are acts of imaginative passion driven by a fascination with the possibilities of knowledge. Such pleasurable and serious excitement is to be warmly welcomed. (Sean O'Brien, 'Preface')

Launch night: F.O.B. Cafe/Bar, Church Street, Sheffield, 09 November, from 7.30 p.m.


2004 - Frances Leviston, Lighter
2003 - James Sheard, Hotel Mastbosch
2002 - Andrea Dow, Waiting
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2000 - Tony Williams, Rhetoric