Virtual Conference, 5th - 9th July 2004

What is it?

We'd like to start our website with a virtual conference, as a means of getting as many people in touch with one another as possible.

when is it?

We aim to hold our conference over the period of one week, from 5th - 9th July 2004. People will be able to visit the conference to download papers and access discussion pages based on the themes of the conference and also to ask authors questions about their papers. There will be discussion opportunities throughout the conference period.

What is the theme?

As it is our first conference, we thought we would have three themes, The Past, The Present and the Future of Women in Surveying. There will be a videoed keynote presentation from a senior female surveyor which participants can play when accessing the conference.

Who is it for?

We would like to hear about women's experiences in all aspects of surveying at any stage in their career from all parts of the world. So the conference will appeal to everyone, from female students to experienced practitioners. We hope this conference will highlight our shared experiences and maybe also some unique ones, and that it will provide a platform for further discussion and debate.

How to get involved?

You can register for the conference now, and see information about how to participate. Access details for the conference will be sent out in June.

We intend on following up on this conference with further virtual conferences but would like participants to suggest themes for future conferences and also when the best time for holding a conference would be.

How to submit papers.

The call for papers has now been made - please inform anyone who may be interested. The papers will be refereed by a panel of surveyors from around the world.


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