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Craftsmanship - the skill of making things by hand, of practical use rather than for pure decoration - isa deeply personal and intuitive activity which often defies the rational approach of engineer or industrial designer.

In a craftsman's work the end result depends on decisions made as the work develops; whereas in a machine-made article shape, colour and texture are all determined before production begins. Traditional craftsmen are united by an intense concern for the job in hand because they see it through from the raw material to the finished object.

The photographs

The photographs on this site were taken during the 1970s by David Morgan Rees. The framed originals are kept in an archive at Sheffield Hallam University. A selection of the photgraphs has been exhibited under the title "privileged people" at various galleries and museums in Yorkshire and are available for future loan.

The text describing the photgraphs has been taken from the book "Yorkshire craftsmen at work" by David Morgan Rees, re-published by Sheffield Hallam University Press (1981) ISBN 0863398103. Originally published by Dalesman Books in 1981. An extract from the book is avilable here


David Morgan Rees

David Morgan Rees, who lives in Ilkely, worked in Industry untill 1985 before he became a part-time academic lecturing in PR Studies at the University of Leeds, Leeds Business School and other establishments. As a freelance writer and photographer he now concentrates on rural subjects. Over many years he has contributed to BBC Radio and publications such as 'Yorkshire Life', 'The Dalesman' and 'Yorkshire Journal'

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