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Project Evaluation Guidance

The purpose of evaluation is not to audit your project, but to ensure that we can build an evidence-base of the best possible prctice in enhancing student learning at Sheffield Hallam University. The purpose of this booklet is to offer some practical advice and guidelines on evaluating the impact of your teaching practice. Although it focuses on development projects designed to enhance learner autonomy, it will be relevant to any teaching practice. It will explain the significance of evaluation in the context of the overall strategy of the Centre for Promoting Learner Autonomy (CPLA), as well as give some general guidelines as to what you may wish to focus on when designing an evaluation strategy for you particular project or teaching practice. The focus will be to help you to design ways of determining the impact of your teaching practice on the student learning experience.

CPLA Evaluation Guide - Evaluating your teaching practice (MS Word document)

Other useful resources:

Towards an evaluation methodology – A workshop presentation by Ivan Moore


Handbook for Learning-centred Evaluation of Computer-facilitated Learning Projects in Higher Education

This handbook supports a project funded by the Australian Government Committee for University Teaching and Staff Development (CUTSD). While it is focused on providing project participants a 'toolkit' for how to evaluate student learning resulting from the use of their own Computer-Facilitated Learning project, the handbook offers some very useful guidance that can be adapted to evaluate similar projects. Easy to use, it offers a useful table of context that allows for easy navigation to relevant pages.

Evaluation Cookbook: A practical guide to evaluation methods for lecturers

This is a really useful website, which provides an outline of a wide range of evaluation methods. Although the initiative focused on learning technologies, the evaluation methods and advice given are not specific to these and the guidance given here can be easily adapted to other contexts.

Student Course Experience Questionnaire (SCEQ)

This website is maintained by the Teaching and Learning Institute of the University of Sydney, Australia. It provides the full Course Experience Questionnaire devised by Paul Ramsden and recognised widely as a useful tool for evaluating the student learning experience.This survey gathers data on students' perceptions of the quality of teaching and student learning in their degree courses as well as their perceptions of the administration and student support services.

Oxford University: Evaluation of Teaching

The University of Oxford adapted Ramsden’s CEQ for their own purposes. This website provides their customised version and some other useful resources.

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