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The Scholarship Teams for Autonomy Research (STARs) are an exciting new development to enable academics from across the University to engage in cutting edge pedagogical research into specific aspects of learner autonomy. Each team has been given the task to undertake a systematic literature review and investigation of practices that have been identified as central to promoting learner autonomy, namely:

  • Developing a conceptual stance to teaching and learning in Higher Education
  • Student motivation and engagement
  • Developing information literacy
  • Managing learning
  • Enquiry-based learning (EBL)
    Student partnerships

It is anticipated that the findings of this project will significantly contribute to existing conceptual and theoretical literature on learner autonomy, and the scholarly output will include both external publications and conference presentations. On a more practical and localised level, the findings of this research will be used to develop guidelines and recommendations for enhancing engagement with the principles of learner autonomy within the University and beyond. The work of the teams began in September 2008, and will last for the duration of the CETL funding.