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Our Strategy

The CPLA's current strategy focuses on consolidating the existing resources and programmes, developing the existing strategy, research, evaluation, dissemination and sustainability.

Figure 1. Current strategyCPLA Strategy picture

The Key Elements of the CPLA Strategy:

1. Faculty Projects

  • With CPLA support, each Faculty is pursuing a large scale, strategic initiative, over two and a half years. These initiatives are designed to support the development of learner autonomy and will impact upon a significant number of staff and a substantial number of students

  • All projects have currently projects running

  • Development plans:

  • To consolidate and embed the developments across the faculties

  • Developments in the Faculty project scheme for 2009/10 might incorporate the development of student parternships (a key feature of working in partnership with students) in an area or areas of relevance to the individual needs of each faculty.

2. Small Scale Projects

  • One-year, CPLA funded innovation projects, aimed at developing practices that encourage the development of learner autonomy in their students. the projects are supported by CPLA and outcomes are produced through poster exhibitions, case studies and conference presentations.

  • Support systems in place include workshops, management teams, annual symposium and support for publication.

  • Development plans:

  • Second round small scale project scheme was initiated in March 2009 with an invitation to apply for funding.

  • A staff longitudinal study will be conducted to research staff experience in engaging with principles of learner autonomy.

3. Scholarship Team for Autonomy Research (STAR)

The purpose of this team is to help the University to develop a fuller understanding of Learner Autonomy by undertaking a two-year scholarship programme. Outcomes will include guidelines on practice, recommendations to the University and external public.

More information about STAR can be found here

4. Research and Resource Development

The CPLA is working to produce a range of resources to support practices in developing learner autonomy. These include:

  • A CPLA-edited book: "Promoting Learner Autonomy across the Curriculum"
  • Journal articles
  • Guides to Practice
  • Other web-based resources

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