Special Issue 24: Readings of Love and Death (2015)

Edited by Jessica Dyson, Niamh Cooney, and Jana Pridalova.


This special issue seeks to explore the cultural constructions of ‘love’ and ‘death’ in the early modern period, and in particular how these topics inform the representation and understanding of each other in early modern literature. Moreover, our contributors are concerned with the ways in which images of love and death provide opportunities to reflect upon broader religious, political and cultural concerns of the period.


Special Issue 22: Communities and Companionship in Early Modern Literature and Culture (2014)

Edited by Bronwen Price and Páraic Finnerty.

This special issue on early modern literature offers a set of new essays that re-evaluate the inter-relationship between communities and companionship across a range of contexts and genres.


ISSN: 1201-2459