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Conference Themes and Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers

Guests: Clegg and Guttmann (Artists, Germany), Juliet Flower MacCannell (Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature and English, UC Irvine) Ahuvia Kahane (Professor of Greek, Royal Holloway, University of London), Esther Leslie (Professor in Political Aesthetics, Birkbeck, University of London) Dany Nobus (Professor, School of Social Sciences, Brunel, University West London), Blake Stimson (Professor of Art History, University of California)

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Transmission: Hospitality addressed the relation between the various modes of analysis and communication that seek to comprehend art. This conference will be set in a transdisciplinary and transcultural context where dialogues between artists, writers, critics, curators, and academics will be welcomed as a method for generating, mediating, and reflecting experience and knowledge about the way art is received.

Conference themes

Hospitality speaks about art through a form that responds to how art is encountered, discussed and, perhaps most importantly, received. This theme will be explored over the three days of the conference through the topics of Host, Stranger, and Friend. Here we will consider the ethics of hospitality, of making the stranger welcome. A host has a standard of conduct, and historically, hospitality has been seen as a code, a duty, a virtue, and a law. There is a bond between host and guest, and indeed, it is one that may exceed the bond of family, whom one may be called to give up in place of the guest, as the guest must take precedence. Hospitality derives from hospes, formed from hostis, a stranger. Stranger joins with polis. There is a duty of care. Rather than a fetishisation of the social encounter or the reduction of conversation to an aesthetic genre, this international conference takes up discussions on hospitality, incorporating both the stranger and the friend. Here we will ask how art can inform the politics, ethics and cultural meaning that lies at the heart of the host guest relation.

Papers and proposal for panels of three speakers on any aspect of the conference theme were invited and peer reviewed by an international panel of academics and artists. Topics for panels at the conference included:
Host: art and responsibility, art and ethics, art and psychoanalysis, cultures of curating
Stranger: art and the foreigner (or odd, eccentric and uncanny), art and philosophy, multidisciplinary practice
Friend: art and dialogue, art and community, art and politics, collaborative practice

The conference was developed in association with Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, USA) and will include the launch of the new journal Transmission Annual (Artwords) and exhibition opening of Transmission: Interrupted in the SIA Gallery.

To purchase the publication TRANSMISSION ANNUAL: HOSPITALITY Ed. Michael Corris, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Sharon Kivland, Artwords Press 2010, please visit the Artwords Bookshop.

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