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Transmission: Hospitality

2010 Conference Proceedings

Dialogue sessions explored themes of art and responsibility, art and ethics, art and psychoanalysis, cultures of curating, hospitality and film, art and the foreigner (or the odd, eccentric and uncanny), art and philosophy, multidisciplinary practice, art and dialogue, art and community, art and politics, collaborative practice.

Full papers from the dialogue sessions may be downloaded by following the links in the panel listing below, or browsing the alphabetical list of authors.


Full papers: by Dialogue Panel


Friday 2 July 2010

Dialogue 1A
Hosting Experience
(Chair: David Cotterrell)

Dialogue 1B
Friends and Strangers on Film
(Chair: Lucy Reynolds)

Dialogue 1C
Hosting Thought 
(Chair: Esther Leslie)

Paula McCloskey
Maternal Subjectivity and Art Encounters

Rachel Garfield
You’re Joking and Deep England: Strangers at Home

Amanda Beech
Cause without reason: Future realisms of the image

Michelle Atherton
The Experiential Call 

Andrew Sneddon
Two naked bearded men and an open fire


Lisa Murphy
Private Light in Open Spaces

Julie Westerman
Exploring the work created as both Host and Guest

Paul Evans
The Perfect Dinner Party



Dialogue 2A
Encountering Art 
(Chair: Juliet Flower MacCannell)

Dialogue 2B
Hospitality and Ethics 1
(Chair: Peter Jones)

Dialogue 2C
The Hospitality of Public Space
(Chair: Kathy Doherty)

Miguel Santos
Waking up the stranger within 

Matthew Poole
The Violence of Loyalty and Justice

Marsha Bradfield
From ‘Public’ to ‘Publics’? Or: How I learned to stop worrying about heterogeneity and love ‘my’ public

Jessica Potter
Can the image constitute a common space between you and me?

Man Walkin Away .mp3 file

Simon Bacon
Hello Stranger!?: The Vampiric Re-Finding of the Projected Self in Let the Right One In by Tomas Alfreds

Rebecca Gamble
The Artist as Host: convivial acts in participatory art practice

Yuen Fong Ling
A Body of Relations: Reconfiguring the Life Class

Guy Becket
Facing Terrors




Dialogue 3A
The Museum: Stranger or Friend?

(Chair: Blake Stimson)

Dialogue 3B
Hospitality and Ethics 2
(Chair: Peter Jones)

Chiara Catterwell
Conservator, Curator, Visitor: the fine line between aesthetics and deceit

Francis Summers

 (Re)counting Love: Martin Arnold’s Pièce Touchée

Kathy Doherty and Daragh O’Reilly
Rocking the Museum: New Model Army as Host-in-Residence

Rose Butler, Lynne Marsh, Karen Gaskill
The Inhospitable Frame


Lucy Reynolds

Hospitality Underground: Filmic documents of an oppositional Practice 


Saturday 3 July 2010


Dialogue 4A
Art and the Stranger:
Seducing, Listening, Stalking
(Chair: Dany Nobus)

Dialogue 4B
The Return of the Stranger

(Chair: Rachel Garfield)

Nicky Bird
Artist as Listening Post

Alison J Carr
My friend, the Showgirl

Laura Gonzalez
Stranger, Seducer

Christopher Bamford
The Other as Host: Gina Pane’s ‘Je’

Bran Nicol
The Stalking Artists

Penny McCarthy and Terry O’Connor
Stealing Voices



Dialogue 5A
The Interface as Host
(Chair: Ahuvia Kahane))

Dialogue 5B
Elongated Intimacy: Three case studies of Art and Craft Practice

(Chair: Penny McCarthy)

Annabel Frearson
Neither the sun nor death can be gazed upon fixedly

Maria Hanson
Friend: The intimate experience of owning / commissioning a craft object

Robin Hawes
Creativity and Consciousness: The ontological foundations of art 

Jerome Harrington
Host:  the object as host

Jeremy Pilcher

The (Ir)responsibility of Parasitic Art  

Becky Shaw
Stranger: The object that won’t talk



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