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Welcome to the CPLA CETL Homepage

This website is packed full of really useful resources to support those interested in developing autonomous learners. These are people who can take responsibility for their own learning, have the necessary skills and attitudes, and can access and evaluate resources to learn effectively and make use of that learning.

The resources include case studies; guides to good practice; literature references; conference presentations; video and poster resources; and a number of PowerPoint presentations. Together, they cover a range of practices such as Enquiry Based Learning; feedback on assessment; mentoring and peer assisted learning; developing resources; inter-disciplinary learning; Project and Problem Based Learning; and negotiated learning.

There are also resources around developing effective learning environments; educational development; managing change; and supporting communities of practice. The website also provides information on how to contact any of the CETL Associate Directors or those who have led the projects that have produced the case studies. We are sure you will find the information useful and invite you to make contact with anyone listed in the site. Click here for a general overview of our activites.

We have produced a series of books shown below which we invite you to explore.

Case Studies : Volume 1 Case Studies : Volume 2 Case Studies :
Faculty Projects
Conference Proceedings
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