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Travel Writing Catalogue: E


Earle, Augustus

A Narrative of a Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand, in 1827.

London: 1832.

Fiches: 3



Eaton, Charlotte A.

Rome in the Nineteenth Century.

Edinburgh: 1820.

Fiches: 9



Edmonston, Arthur

A View of the Ancient and Present State of the

Zetland Islands.

Edinburgh: 1809.

Fiches: 6


Edmonstone, Archibald

A Journey to Two of the Oases of Upper Egypt.

London: 1822.

Fiches: 2



Egan, Pierce

Walks through Bath.

Bath: 1819.

Fiches: 3



Elliott, Charles B.

Letters from the North of Europe.

London: 1832.

Fiches: 3



Ellis, ...

New Britain.

London: 1820.

Fiches: 2



Ellis, William

Polynesian Researches, during a Residence of Nearly Six Years in the South Sea Islands.

London: 1829.

Fiches: 8



Ellis, William

Narrative of a Tour through Hawaii, or Owhyhee.

London: 1826.

Fiches: 3



Elmhirst, Philip J.

Occurrences during a Six Months' Residence in the Province of Calabria Ulteriore, in the Kingdom of


London: 1819.

Fiches: 2



Elphinstone, Mountstuart

An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, and its Dependence in Persia, Tartary, and India.

London: 1815.

Fiches: 8



Elwood, Anne K.

Narrative of a Journey Overland from England, by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red Sea to India.

London: 1830.

Fiches: 10



English, George B.

A Narrative of the Expedition to Dongola and Sennaar.

London: 1822.

Fiches: 2



Eton, William

A Survey of the Turkish Empire.

London: 1798.

Fiches: 4



Eustace, John C.

A Classical Tour through Italy an. MDCCII [eighteen hundred and two].

London: 1815.

Fiches: 12



Evans, George W.

A Geographical, Historical, and Topographical Description of Van Diemen's Land.

London: 1822.

Fiches: 1



Evans, John

A Tour through Part of North Wales, in the Year

1798, and at Other Times.

London: 1800.

Fiches: 3



Evans, John

Letters Written during a Tour through South Wales, in the Year 1803, and at Other Times.

London: 1804.

Fiches: 3



Evans, John

Recreation for the Young and the Old.

Chiswick: 1821.

Fiches: 2



Everest, Robert

A Journey through Norway, Lapland, and Part of


London: 1829.

Fiches: 38927-X


Everett, Alexander H.

America: Or a General Survey of the Political Situation of the Several Powers of the Western Continent.

London: 1828.

Fiches: 3