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Travel Writing Catalogue: N


Napier, Charles J.

The Colonies.

London: 1833.

Fiches: 4



Napier, Charles J.

Memoir on the Roads of Cefalonia.

London: 1825.

Fiches: 1



Neale, John P.

Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen, in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

London: 1818-1829

Fiches: 28



Neill, Patrick

A Tour through Some of the Islands of Orkney and Shetland.

Edinburgh: 1806.

Fiches: 2



Newell, Robert H.

Letters on the Scenery of Wales.

London: 1821.

Fiches: 2



Nicholas, John L.

Narrative of a Voyage to New Wales.

London: 1817.

Fiches: 6



Nightingale, Joseph

An Historical Account of Kenilworth Castle in the County of Warwick.

London: 1821.

Fiches: 1



Nightingale, Joseph

English Topography, or, a Series of Historical and Statistical Descriptions of the Several Counties of England and Wales.

London: 1816.

Fiches: 3



Noel, Gerard T.

Arvendel; or, Sketches in Italy and Switzerland.

London: 1826.

Fiches: 1



Nuttal, Thomas

A Journal of Travels into the Arkansa Territory, during the Year 1819.

Philadelphia: 1821.

Fiches: 2



Nuntildeez, Ignacio B.

An Account, Historical, Political, and Statistical, of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata.

London: 1825.

Fiches: 3