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Travel Writing Catalogue: K


Kavanagh, Julia

A Summer and Winter in the Two Sicilies.

Leipzig: 1858.

Fiches: 4



Kay, Stephen

Travels and Researches in Caffraria.

London: 1833.

Fiches: 6



Kearsley, C.

Kearsleys' Stranger's Guide, or Companion through London and Westminster, and the Country Round.

London: [1791].

Fiches: 2



Keate, George

An Account of the Pelew Islands.

Basil [i.e. Paris]: 1789.

Fiches: 3



Keating, William H.

Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of

St. Peter's River, Lake Winnipeek, Lake

of the Woods, &c.

London: 1825.

Fiches: 6



Kelsall, Charles

Classical Excursion from Rome to Arpino.

Geneva: 1820.

Fiches: 2



Kendall, Edward A.

Letters to a Friend on the State of Ireland, the Roman Catholic Question, and the Merits of Constitutional Religious Distinctions.

London: 1826.

Fiches: 10



Kendrick, Tertius T.

The Ionian Islands.

London: 1822.

Fiches: 2



Keppel, George T.

Narrative of a Journey across the Balcan, by the Two Passes of Selimno and Pravadi.

London: 1831.

Fiches: 6



King, John

Letters from France.

London: 1803.

Fiches: 2



King, Philip P.

Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia.

London: 1827.

Fiches: 7



Kingdom, William

America and the British Colonies.

London: 1820.

Fiches: 3



Kinneir, John M.

Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, and Koordistan, in the Years 1813 and 1814.

London: 1818.

Fiches: 4



Kittle, Samuel

A Concise History of the Colony and Natives of New South Wales.

Edinburgh: [1815].

Fiches: 3



Knox, Robert

The History of Ceylon, from the Earliest Period to the Year MDCCCXV.

London: 1817.

Fiches: 9



Kulsum, Nah'nah

Customs and Manners of the Women of Persia, and their Domestic Superstitions.

London: 1832.

Fiches: 1