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Projects Commenced 2008/9

In the academic year 2008-2009, the CPLA CETL provided funding and support for the following projects (please click on the link for further details). A summary document for all the projects below can be downloaded here.

Introduction to Academic Skills

Cathy Morse, Debbie Fox, Stephen Riley and Sam Burton (D&S)

Preparing for 'Live' Assessment: The Student Learning Journey

Jenny Paxman and Val Thomas (O&M)

Developing Student Autonomy through the Production of a Public History Resource Emma Robertson (D&S)

Turning Student Groups into Teams

Lynn Cinderey (ACES)

Promoting Learner Autonomy through Mentoring

Nicola Martin and Arlene Moore (D&S)

Developing Enquiring Teachers through Peer Group Learning

Mark Boylan (D&S)

Developing Learner Autonomy in Work-Based Learner-Centred CPD Provisions Kiefer Lee and Robin Lowe (O&M)

The Venture Matrix

Charmaine Myers (ACES)


Click, Clarify, Copy, Create: Media Literacy Skills for Discovering, Evaluating and Reusing Sound and Visual Resources

Linda Purdy, Simon Quinn, Hilary Cuncliffe-Charlesworth and Anne-Florence Dujardin (LITS & ACES)

SIM Sports Facility: Developing Management Simulation Software to Promote Learner Autonomy

Chris Moriarty (HWB)


Character Strengths, Health, Well-being and Autonomous Learning in New Students

Prof Ann Macaskill, Andrew Denovan and David Bowles (D&S)

Workshops to Develop Psychological Strenghts to Facilitate Autonomous Learning in First Year Students

Prof Ann Macaskill, Andrew Donovan and David Bowles (D&S)


Developing Learner Autonomy in International and UK Students at SHU Gudrun Myers, Chris Lyne and Yulan Song (O&M)

Student Audio Notes Project

Anne Nortcliffe and Andrew Middleton (ACES)

Enquiry-Based Learning for Biology

Ben Abell and Jane Gurman (HWB)

Making Media

Hilary Cuncliffe-Charlesworth, Keith Radley, Sue Cooper, Annette Baxter, Andrew Middleton (ACES)

Promoting an Enquiry Based Approach to Teaching and Learning Using the Philosophy for Children (P4C) Methodology

Fufy Demissie, Sheila Sharpe, Julia Myers, Caron Carter, Mary Haynes and Ros Garrick (D&S)


Developing Learner Autonomy through Student-Led Resource Creation within the FDS Learning Hubs

Julie Evans (D&S)

Putting Students in Lecturer's Shoes
Robert Wilson, Elaine Stringer and Anne Nortcliffe (HWB)

Managing 'What Technology Where' through Higher Level Constructive Alignment

Simon Andrews and Simon Polovina (ACES)

Enhancing Student Feedback with Voice Files

June Clarke (O&M)

Disciplinary Investigations: An Enquiry Based Approach to Engaging with Learner Autonomy Using a Portfolio Assessment Method

Anne Robinson, Ed Pollock, Richard Lynch and Shawna McCoy (D&S)

Enhancing Learner Autonomy in Final Year Occupational Therapy Students Using Collaborative Partnership with Academic Staff throughout the Research Dissertation Module (A Pilot)

Melanie Bryer, Dr Sarah Cook, Nick Pollard (HWB)


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