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Belle-lettres General Catalogue: Anon


The Abbey of Weyhill

First published: London: Lane, 1805


The Abduction

London: Knight, 1825


The Accomplished hypocrite

London: Newman, 1822


The Actress of the present day

London: Harper, 1817



London: Vernor and Hood, 1801


The Adventures of an ostrich feather

London: Allman, 1819


Adventures, or, Scenes in Ireland

London: Longman, 1825



London: Lane, 1801


Agnes, or, The triumph of principle

London: Holdsworth, 1822



London: Newman, 1819


The Alexandrians

London: Whittaker, 1830


Alidia and Cloridan

London: Pannier, 1811


Allan MacDougal

London: Newman, 1831


Alma and Brione

London: Longman, 1827


An Alpine tale

London: Westley, 1823


Aluredus, knight of Malta

London: Dutton, 1800



London : Lane, 1804



London: Pannier, 1811


The Amulet [SERIAL]

London: Westley and Davies, 1830-1833, 1835


The Amulet, or, A Christian remembrancer [SERIAL]

London: Baynes, 1826-1827


Anecdotes of a Croat

London: Simpkin, 1823


The Animated skeleton

London: Lane, 1798


The Annals of Orlingbury

London: Stockdale, 1815


Anne of Brittanny

London: Cardock, 1810


The Arab

London: Hone, 1819


Arabian nights' entertainments

London: Cooke, 1800-1801?


Arthur Seymour

London: Longman, 1824


The Atlantic souvenir [SERIAL]

Philadelphia: Carey, 1830


Attempts in verse

London: Murray, 1831



London: Boone, 1832


Augustus, or, The ambitious student

London: Baldwin, 1820


The Aunt and the niece

London: Lane, 1804


Azalais and Aimar

London: Lane, 1799


Bachelor's miseries

London: Newman, 1814


The Bandit chief

London: Newman, 1818


The Banks of Carron

London: Hughes, 1809


The Banks of the Wye

London: 1810



Edinburgh: Warren, 1821


The Bar

London: Hurst, Robinson, 1825


Barbara Markham

London: Richardson, 1803


Barnadiston : a tale of the seventeenth century

London: Saunders, 1834


Baron de Falkenheim

London: Lane, 1807


The Baron DeCourcy

London: Hughes, 1808


The Baronet

London: Dutton, 1800


Basil Barrington and his friends

London: Colburn, 1830


Bath and London

London: Newman, 1811


The Battle of Navarine, Malta, and other poems

London: Saunders and Otley, 1828


The Beau monde

London: Newman, 1809


The Beauties of Scottish poets

Glasgow: Griffin, 1823


Belinda, or, The fair fugitive

Halle: Francke [u.a.], 1789


Bellegarde, the adopted Indian boy

London: Saunders, 1832


Belleville Lodge

London: Lane, c1800



London: Chapple, 1805


Benson Powlet, or, The French in Moscow in 1812

London: Newman, 1833


Berkeley Hall, or, The pupil of experience

2nd ed. published: London: Lane, 1803


Bigotry, or, The warning voice

London: Newman, 1821


Black Agnes, or, The defence of Dunbar

London: Rivington, 1804


The Black banner

London: Newman, 1819


The Black convent

London: Newman, 1819


Blighted ambition

London: Whittaker, 1822


The Blue mountains

London: Newman, 1822


Bodiam Castle : a poem

London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1818


The Bravo of Bohemia

2nd ed. published: London : Newman, 1819


The Bride of Obeyda, and other tales

London: Newman, 1827


The Bridegroom of the fay

London: Mawman, 1827


British bards

Norwich: Stacy, 1820


The Cabinet album

London: Hurst, 1830



London: Bull, 1832



London: Hurst, Chance, 1827



London: Sherwood, 1824


The Castle of Caithness

London: Newman, 1802


The Castle of probation

London: Symonds, 1802


The Castle of Saint Caranza

London: Lane, 1804


The Castle of Santa Fe

London: Lane, 1805


The Castle of Villa-Flora

London: Newman, 1819


Castles in the air

London: Baldwin, 1818


Catherine de Medicis

London: Smith, 1834



London: Printed for the Author, 1819


The Cavern of Astolpho

London: Simpkin, 1815


The Cento

London: Richardson, 1822


The Chances

London: Cuthell, 1803



London: Bull, 1832


Characters and opinions, or, The blue book

London: Saunders and Otley, 1825


Chateau of Leaspach

London: Newman, 1827


The Child of hope

London: Vernor, 1800


The Child of providence

London: Lane, 1792


Childe Roeliff's pilgrimage

London: Newman, 1834


The Children of error

Brentford : Norbury, 1806


Christmas tales 1825

London: Ackermann, 1825


The Citizen's daughter

London: Vernor, 1804



London: Egerton, 1818



London: Kearsley, 1801



London: Bell, 1832


The Club-book

London: Cochrane, 1831


Coelebs in search of a mistress

London: Tegg, 1810


A Collection of much-esteemed dramatic pieces

London: Debrett, 1795


A Collection of the most esteemed farces

Edinburgh: Doid, 1792


Colonel Berkley and his friends

New York: Gilley, 1825


The Comic annual [SERIAL]

London: Hurst, Chance, 1830


Comic tales : in verse

London: Fearman, 1820


Common life

London: Ginger, 1804



London: Warren, 1821



London: Newman, 1814


The Confessions of a gamester

London: Hatchard, 1824



London: Sherwood, 1817


Conrad Blessington

London: Longman, 1833


Constantia de Courcy

London: n.p. 1806


The Convent of Notre Dame

London: Colburn, 1807


The Convent of St Michael

London: Hurst, 1803


La Coquetterie

London : Boone, 1832



London: Longman, 1819


The Cottagers of the lakes

London: Harris, 1816


Court anecdotes

London: Sams, 1825


The Court of Holyrood

Edinburgh: MacRedie, 1822


The Court of Tuscany

London: Murray, 1822


Craven Derby

London: Smith, 1832-3


The Curse of Ulrica

London: Black, 1815


Dangerous errors

London: Relfe, 1822


Dangerous secrets

London: Newman, 1815


The Davenels

London: Colburn, 1829


De Beauvoir, or, Second love

London: Longman, 1828


The Dead letter office

London: Crosby, 1820



London: Newman, 1820



London: Whittaker, 1833



London: Newman, 1828



London: Lane, 1802


Dellinborough castle

London: Lane, 1806



London: Whittaker, 1818



London: Longman, 1813


The Democrat, and The hugenot

London: Bull, 1832



London: Dimpkin, 1829



London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1821


Diurnal events

London: Newman, 1816


Don Juan, or, The battle of Tolosa

London: Harper, 1816


Don Sancho

London: Hughes, 1803



London: Longman, 1806


The Double trial

London: Smith, Elder, 1832



London: Newman, 1818



London: Sherwood, 1818


Early metrical tales

Edinburgh: Laing, 1826


Eccentric philanthropy

London: Booth, 1803


The Eccentric traveller

London: Longman, 1826



London: Sherwood, 1820


Edmond Ironside

London: Hughes, 1805


Edmund O'Hara

Dublin: Curry: 1828



London: Cadell and Davies, 1880


Edward de Courcy

London: Lane, 1794


Edward Neville

London: Longman, 1823


Edward Wortley

London: Whiteley, 1819



London: The Author, 1810


Elizabeth de Mowbray

London: Newman, 1816


Ellmer Castle

3rd ed. published: Dublin : Curry, 1828


Eloise de Montblanc

London: Lane, 1796



London: Harris, 1825


The English brothers

London: Miller, 1809


English life

London: Wightman, 1825


The Englishman in Paris

London: Sherwood, 1819


Errors and their consequences

London: Longman, 1819


Eustace Fitz-Richard

London: Newman, 1826



London: Chapple, 1809


The Eve of San Marco

London: Oxberry, 1812


Evenings of mental recreation

>London: Hailes, 1828


Eversfield Abbey

London: Crosby, 1806


Every day occurences

London: Knight,1825


The Families of Owen and DeMontfort

Newman: n.p., 1819


Family feuds

London: Ridgway, 1832


The Family picture gallery

London: Booth, 1824


Farther excursions of the observant pedestrian

London: Dutton, 1801


Fashionable amusements

London: Hatchard, 1827


The Fate of Graysdale

London: Duncan, 1829


The Father and son

London: Philanthrophie soc., 1824


Ferdinand and Amelia

London: Crosby, 1806


The Festival of wit

Dresden: Walther, 1795


The Feuds of Luna and Perollo

London: Newman, 1821


Field flowers

London: Relfe, 1826


First affections

London: Boys, 1823


First love

London: Lane, 1801


First love

London: Relfe, 1824


The Fisherman's hut

London: Lane, Newman, 1805


Flowers of literature [SERIAL]

London: Crosby, 1803-1810


Forget-me-not [SERIAL]

London: Ackermann, 1827, 1830-1831



London: Whittaker, Treacher, 1830



London: Lane, Newman, 1806


Fort Risbane

London: Smith, Elder, 1832



London: Newman, 1819


Frank Orby

London: Longman, 1833



London: Colburn and Bentley, 1830


Frederica Risberg

2nd ed. published: London: Lane, 1801


Frederick Wilding

London: Baldwin and Cradock, 1832


Friendship's offering, or, The annual remembrancer [SERIAL]

London: Relfe, 1823


A Garland of poesy




London: Robinson, 1798


Geraldine Hamilton

London: Bentley, 1832


Gideon, and other poems

London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1829



London: Whittaker, 1824


Glencore Tower

London: Lane, Newman, 1806


Godfrey DeHastings

London: Lane, 1798



London: Whittaker, 1819


Going too far

London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1825


Golden legends

London: Saunders and Otley, 1833



London: Hunter, 1822



London: Egerton, 1820



London: Allman, 1821



London: Chapple, 1811


The Guards

London: Smith, 1827


Hamel, the obeah man

London: Hunt and Clarke, 1827


The Hand of providence!

Firast published: London: Darton, 1821



3rd ed. published: London: Westley, 1821


The Happy cottage

London: Newby, 1856


Harold the exile

London: n.p., 1819


Hatred, or, The vindictive father

London: Lane and Newman, 1802


The Hebrew

Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1828


Hell upon earth

London: Hughes, 1804


Henry de Beauvais

London: Lane, 1798



London: Whittaker, 1825


The Hermitage, or, Views of life and manners

London: Longman, 1809


Hide and seek

London: Lane, Newman, 1806


High life

London: Saunders and Otley, 1827


The Highlander

London: Newman, 1819


An Historical fragment : Queen Caroline

London: Hunt, 1824


The History of Netterville

London: Crosby, 1802


Holkham, a poem : dedicated without permission to Joseph Hume : to

which is added, Impudence, a poem

2nd ed. published: London: Sams, 1822


The Hope of immortality

Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1829


Horatio, of Holstein

London: Dutton, 1800


The House of Lancaster

London: Hughes, 1810


The House of Marley

London: Lane, 1797


Howard Castle

London: Newman, 1817


Human frailties

London: Dutton, 1803


The Human heart

London: Taylor and Hessey, 1824


The Humourist

London: Robins, 1819-1922


Husband hunting

London: Whittaker, 1825


Hyde Nugent

London: Colburn, 1827


Hyppolitus, or, The wild boy

London: Newman, 1805



London: Print. for the author, 1800


The Idiot heiress

London: Lane, Newman, 1805


I'll consider of it!

London: Tegg, 1812


Illustrations of the passion of love

London: Hunt and Clarke, 1827


The Imaginary adultress

London: Corri, 1808



London: Lane, 1799


Inch Kenneth

Dublin: Tims, 1830


The Indian chief

London: Newman, 1829


Influence and example

London: Relfe, 1823


The Intriguing beauty

London: Allman, 1819


The Invasion

London: Symonds, 1798


Ireland, or, Memoirs of the Montague family

London: Lloyd, 1820


Isabel de Barsas

London: Baldwin, 1823



London: Colburn, 1823


The Isle of Java

London: Stocking, 1822


It was me

London: Print. for the author, 1813


Ivey castle

London: Owen, 1794


James Forbes

London: Hatchard, 1824


Jaqueline of Olzeburg

London: Chapple, 1800


Jealousy, or, The dreadful mistake

London: Lane, 1802



London: Newman, 1818


Jesuitism and Methodism : a novel

London: Printed for the author, 1829


John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough

Leyburn: Fall, 1820


Julia de Vienne

London: Colburn, 1811


Julia of Ardenfield

London: Law and Whittaker, 1816


Julia, or, The fatal return

Dover: Batcheller and Rigden, 1822



London: Newman, 1823


The Knight and mason

London: Crosby, 1801


The Knights of Ritzberg

London: Spence, 1822


Kodos, or, The battle of the monastery

London: Cadell, 1830


The Koromantyn slaves

London: Hatchard, 1823


Lady Geraldine Beaufort

London: Robinson, 1802


Lady Jane's pocket

London: Newman, 1815


The Lairds of Fife

Edinburgh: Constable, 1828


Laura Blundel and her father

London: Newman, 1812


Lavinia Fitz-Aubyn

London: Martin, 1816


The Lay of Agincourt

Edinburgh: Stirling and Slade, 1819


Legends of the lakes

London: Ebers, 1829


Lemira of Lorraine

London: Whittaker, 1822


The Lennox family

London: Rodwell, 1812


The Liberal

London: Hunt, 1822-23


The Libertines

London: Robinson, 1798


Life as it is

London: Lane, Newman,1808


The Life of a midshipman

London: Colburn, 1829


The life, writings [...] of [...] Lord Byron

London: Iley, 1825



Lionel {Contemporary Review}



London : Longman, 1818


Literary gems

London: Hurst, Robinson, 1826


The Literary souvenir [SERIAL]

London: Longman, 1829-1833


The Literary souvenir, or, Cabinet of poetry [SERIAL]

London: Longman, 1827



London: Sherwood, 1819


The Lord of Hardivyle

London: Treppass, 1800


Lusignan, or, The Abbaye of La Trappe

London: Lane, 1801


The Mad dog

London: Earle, 1804


The Magazine of foreign literature [SERIAL]

London: Robins, 1823



London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1834


Malcolm Douglas

London: Hookham, 1812


Mammon in London

London: Sams, 1823


Mandeville castle

London: Booth, 1807



London: Hatchard, 1828



London: Lane, 1793



London: Cadell and Davies, 1808



Glasgow: Griffin, 1828


The Marvellous magazine and compendium of prodigies

London: Hurst, 1802-1804


The Masquerade : a collection of enigmas, logogriphs, charades,

rebusses, queries and transpositions

4th ed. published: Southampton: Printed for the Editor, 1812


The Master passion

London: Miller, 1808


Maurice Powell

London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1821


Memoirs of a man of fashion

London: Sherwood, 1821


Memoirs of the ancient house of Clarendon

London: Lane, 1796


Memoirs of the Montague family

London: Lloyd, 1817


Memoirs of the rose

London: Westley, 1824


Metrical epistles

London: Ollier, 1821


Midsummer eve, or, The country wake

Newcastle upon Tyne : The Author, 1800


The Mise of Lewes

London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1823


The Miser

London: Baldwin and Cradock, 1831


The Miseries and pleasures of matrimony

London: Newman, 1815


Modern manners

London: Longman, 1817


Modern times

London: Budd, 1809


Modes of life

London: Newman, 1823


Moments of idleness

London: Boone, 1833



Jamaica: Offices of the Kingston Chronicle, 1813


The Monthly repertoire of English literature [SERIAL]

Paris: Parsons, Galignani, 1807-1813


Montrose, or, The gothic ruin

London: Dutton, 1799



London: Nemwan, 1826


More odd moments

London: Publ. for the author, 1826


A Morning in Cork Street

London: Johnston, 1822


The Mortimers

London: Moore, 1828



London: Longman, 1819


The Moss-troopers

London: Newman, 1826


The Mountain chief

London: Hughes, 1811


Much to blame

London: Templeman, 1824


Munchausen at the pole

London: Johnston, 1819


The Muses' bower

London: Piercy, 1809


My grandfather's farm

Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1829


My own times

London: Longman, 1812


The Mysteries of Abruzzo

2nd ed. published: London: Cantwell, 1802


The Mysterious father

London: Cundee, 1805


Mysterious friendship

London: Earle and Hemet, 1801


The Mysterious penitentnt>

London : Robbins, 1800


The Mysterious protector

London: Robinson, 1805


The Mysterious sisters

Hughes, 1806


Mystery, or, The monk of St Nicholas

Oxford: Munday and Slatter, 1819


>Mystery upon mystery

London: Lane, Newman, 1808


A Narrative of a few weeks in Brussels in 1830

Brussels: Pratt and Barry, 1831


The Nautilus

London: Printed for the Author, 1829


The Navy "at home"

London: Marsh, 1831


New jolly jester

London: Symonds, 1805


New landlord's tales

London: Hookham, 1825


Newminster Abbey, or, The daughter of O'More

London: Hughes, 1808


Nice distinctions

Dublin: Cumming, 1820


The Night watch

London: Colburn, 1828


No enthusiasm

London: Westley, 1822


Nobility run mad

London: Lane and Newman, 1802


The Noble wanderers

London: Lane and Newman, 1802


Norrington, or, The memoirs of a peer

London: Hurst, Chance, 1830


A Northumbrian tale

London: Debrett, 1799


Notes of a bookworm

London: Flutter, 1828


The Nun

London: Longman, 1824


The Nun and her daughter

London: Lane, Newman, 1805


Nun of St. Agatha

London: Newman, 1830


The observant pedestrian

London: Lane, 1795


The Ocean cavern

London: Hone, 1819


Odd moments

London: Boys, 1825


Old times and new, or, Sir Lionel and his protegee

London: Newman, 1812


Old wives' tales

London: Rivington, 1821


Olivia, or, The orphan

London: Iley, 1820


The Only child

London: Ebers, 1821


The Ordeal

London: Gale, 1813


Oriental wanderings

London: Newman and Co, 1824


The Orphan of Bollenbach

London: Boosey, 1797


The Orphans of Llangloed

London: Lane and Newman, 1802


Parental duplicity

London: Kearsley, 1797


The Parlour portfolio, or, Post-chaise companion

London: Iley, 1820


Partings and meetings

London: Bell, 1830


The Peasant of Auburn

London: Longman, 1819


Petticoat tales

Edinburgh: Tait, 1823


The Picnic, or, Recreations in literature

Edinburgh: West, 1824


The Picture of the age

London: Symonds, 1800


The Pious minstrel

2nd ed. published: London: Tilt, 1831


The Pleasures of fancy

London: Rivington, 1822


The Pleasures of want

London: Fearman, 1819


Poetic pastime

London: Letts, 1822


The Poetical magazine, or, Temple of the muses

London: Vernor, 1804


The Poetical melange

Edinburgh: Douglas, 1828


The Poetry of the passions

London: Tilt, 1860


Points of humour

London: Baldwyn, 1823-24


Pompeii : a poem, to which are added a few poetical trifles

London: Relfe, 1827



London: Richardson, 1817


Popular tales and romances of the northern nations

London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1823



London: Sherwood, 1814


The Portfolio of the martyr-student

London: Longman, 1830



Edinburgh: Print, for the author, 1823


Present times and modern manners

London: Appleyards, 1810


The Press, or, Literary chit-chat : a satire

London: Relfe, 1822


The Priest

London: Baldwin, Craddock and Joy, 1821


The Prince, or, The royal libertines

London: Sherwood, Neeley and Jones, 1816


Principle and passion

Derby: Mozley, 1819


The Privateer

London: Andrews, 1821



London: Burton and Smith, 1824



London: The Author, 1818



London: Taylor and Hessey, 1817


Real life

Edinburgh: Waugh and Innes, 1832


The Rebel

London: Longman, 1826


The Recluse of the Pyrenees

London: Longman, 1818


The Rector of Overton

London: Fisher, 1828


The Rector's memorandum book

London: Print for the ed., 1819



London: Longman, 1822


Reginal di Torby, or, The twelve robbers

London: Lane and Newman, 1803


Reginald, or, The house of Mirandola

London: Lane, 1799


Rejected articles

London: Colburn, 1826


Relics for the curious

London: Burton, 1824


The Repertory of English literature [SERIAL]

Paris: Galignani, 1814


The Restless matron

London: Lane, 1799


The Revealer of secrets

London: 1817


The Reveries of a recluse

Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1824



London: Spence, 1822


Richard of York

London: Fisher, Son and Jackson, 1832


The Ring and the well

London: Longman, 1808


Robert and Adela

London: Robinson, 1795


Robin Hood

Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1819


Romantic facts

London: Newman, 1816


Rosa in London, and other tales

London: Colburn, 1809



London: Lane, 1799


Rosaline de Vere

London: Treuttel and Wurtz, 1824



Richmond: Wall, 1805


The Royal exile, or, Poetical epistles of Mary, Queen of Scots,

during her captivity in England : with other original poems / by a

young lady

London: Longman, 1822


The Royal legend

London: Wilson, 1808


The Ruins of Selinunti

London: Newman, 1813


The Sailor boy

London: Lane, 1800


Saint Aubin

Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1821


Saint Bride's manor

London: Hughes, 1811


Saint Clyde

London: Gale and Fenner, 1816


Saint Hilary, the crusader

London: Hughes, 1808


Saint Hubert

London: Whittaker, 1825


Saint Mary's Abbey

Chelmsford: Print.for the author, 1801


The Scarlet handkerchief

London: Newman, 1823


Scenes and thoughts

London: Whittaker, 1824


Scenes in Wales

London: Westley, 1802



London: Colburn, 1821


The School for mothers

London: Whittaker, 1823


The School of fashion

London: Colburn, 1829


Scotch lawsuits

London: Robinson, 1812


The Scourge of conscience

London: Dutton, 1801



London: Longman, 1823



London: Law, 1800



First puiblished: London: Hatchard, 1826


She thinks for herself

London: Longman, 1813



London: Colburn, 1826


A Short story

London: Cawthorn, 1800


The Siege of Maynooth

London: Ridgway, 1:32



London: Dutton, 1799



London: Newman, 1812


A Simple narrative

London: Lane,Newman, 1806



London: Knight and Lacey, 1824


Sir Andrew Sagittarius

London: Haldane, 1824


Sir Heraud of Arden

Oxford: Whittaker, 1821


Sir James the ross

London: Iley, 1818


Sir Rodolph of Hapsburg

London: Iley, 1834


The Sisters

London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1821


The Sisters of Nansfield

London: Longman, 1824


Sketches of character

2nd ed. published: London : Longman, 1813


Sketches of modern life

London: Miller, 1799


Sketches, scenes and narratives

Dublin: Leckie, 1828


Smiles and tears

London: Wright, 1825


The Smugglers

Edinburgh: Dick, 1820



London: Saunders and Otley, 1831


The Soldier boy

London: Lane, 1801


The Soldier of Pennaflor

London: Newman, 1811


The Soldiers of Venezuela

London: Egerton, 1818



London: Longman, 1818


The Spaniard in London

2nd ed. published: London: Tegg, 1815


Specimens of the American poets

London: Allman, 1822


The Spectre

London: Stockdale, 1789


The Spectre of the mountain of Grenada

London: Hughes, 1811


The Spirit of the Elbe

London: Longman and Rees, 1799


The Spirit of Turretville

London: Dutton, 1800


The Splendour of adversity

London: Crosby, 1814


The Sprite of the nunnery

London: Hall, 1796


Stories for the Christmas week

London: Howell and Stewart, 1826


Stories of chivalry and romance

London: Longman, 1827


The Stranger

London: Jones, 1806


The Stranger chieftain

London: Newman, 1834


Stranger of the valley

New York: Collins, 1826


Stray leaves

London: Treuttel, 1827


The Subaltern's log book

London: Ridgway, 1828


Substance and shadow

London: Newman, 1812


Such follies are

London: Lane, 1795


Such is the world

London: Whittaker, 1821


Swallow barn

London: Newman, 1832


A Tale of the olden time

London: Andrews, 1821



London: Longman, 1825


Tales from afar

London: Westley, 1824


Tales of all nations

London: Hurst, 1827


Tales of chivalry and romance

Edinburgh: Robertson, 1826


Tales of four nations

London: Whitaker, Treacher and Arnot, 1829


Tales of humble life

London: Knight, 1824


Tales of my aunt Martha

London: Fearman, 1822


Tales of my father, and my friends

London: Underwood, 1823


Tales of my landlord

London: Fearman, 1820


Tales of other realms

London: Longman, 1809


Tales of our countries, or, Provincial portraits

London: Marsh and Miller, 1830


Tales of perplexity

London: Colburn and Bentley, 1830


Tales of the tombs

Dublin: Wakeman, 1833


Tales of today, or, Modern facts

London: Knight and Lacey, 1825


Tales of truth

London: Dutton, 1800


Tales of Welsh society and scenery

London: Longman, 1827


The Talisman

London: Dutton, 1804


Tankerville family

London: Dutton, 1808


The Templar

London: Underwood, 1822


Temple of the fairies

London: Vernor and Hood, 1804



London: Lane, 1792


Theodore, or, The enthusiast

London: Longman, 1807


Theresa, or, The wizard's fate

London: Newman, 1815


The Three Germans

London: Hughes, 1807


Three nights in a lifetime : and, Inishairlach

Edinburgh: MacLachlan and Stewart, 1832


The Times

lign="LEFT">London: Colburn, 1811


Times past

London: Lane, Newman, 1805


Tourville, or, The mysterious lover

London: Crosby and Letterman, 1800


The Tower of Clanmalloch

Dublin: Saunders and Kempston, 1828


Tracey the poet

London: Newman, 1823


Traits and trials

London: Cawthorn, 1821


Truth and fashion

London: Whittaker, 1825


Truth in the garb of fiction

London: Chapple, 1809


The Turf

London: Colburn and Bentley, 1831


Two girls of eighteen

London: Walker, 1806


The Two pilgrims

London: Lane, Newman, 1805


The Union of the roses

London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1821


The Unknown of the Pyrenees

3rd ed. published: London : Earle, 1818


The Vale of Conway

London: Vernor and Hood, 1803


Valley of Collares, or, The cavern of horrors

London: Print for the author, 1800


Valombrosa, or, The Venetian nun

London: Lane, Newman, 1805



London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1822


Varieties in woman

London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1819


Varieties of life, or, Conduct and consequences

London: Longman, 1815


Vesuvia, or, Anglesea Manor

London: Newman, 1807


The Vicar of Iver

London: Westley, 1821


Victoria, or, The male coquette and the dupe

London: Robins, 1828


The Village coquette

London: Whittaker, 1822



London: Colburn, 1829



London: Smith, Elder, 1833



London: Whittaker, Treacher, 1833


The Waverley anecdotes

London: Cochrane and McCrone, 1833


Wedded life in the upper ranks

London: Colburn and Bentley, 1831


The West-Indian, or, The brothers

Dublin: Cumming, 1820


Westbrook village

London: Lane, 1799


What has been

London: Lane, 1801


What is luxury?

London: Maunder, 1829


What you please, or, Memoirs of modern characters

Bristol: Lansdown, 1804


Which is the heroine?

London: Robins, 1822


Whimwhams / Anon.

London: Newman , 1828


Who can he be, or, Who is his father?

London: Dick, 1810


The Widow's narrative

London: Westley, 1822


William of Normandy

London: Axtell, 1787


The Winter's wreath [SERIAL]

London: Whittaker, Treacher, 1830-1831



London: Hurst, Chance, 1830


The Witch and the maid of honour

London: printed for the author, 1799


The Wit's red book, or, Calendar of gaiety

London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1822


The Woman of genius

London: Longman, 1821


Woodland cottage

2nd ed. published: London : Hookham, 1799


The Writer's clerk

London: Whittaker, 1825


Yamboo, or, The North American slave

London: Newman, 1812


The Young mother, or, Albinia

London: Lane, Newman, 1808


Zeal and experience

London: Hookham, jun., 1819



London: Fearman, 1820


Zeluca, or, Educated and uneducated woman

Brighton: Print for the author, 1815


Zimao, the African

2nd ed. published: London: Stockdale, 1807