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Belle-lettres General Catalogue: V


VanDyck, H S

The Gondola / Harry S. VanDyck

London : Relfe, 1827


Villa-Real Gooch, E S

Fancied events / Elizabeth S. Villa-Real Gooch

London : Cawthorn, 1799


Villa-Real Gooch, E S

Sherwood Forest / Elizabeth S. Villa-Real Gooch

London : Highley, 1804


Villa-Real Gooch, E S

Truth and fiction / Elizabeth S. Villa-Real Gooch

London : Apollo Pr., 1801


Ventum, H

Justina, or, The history of a young lady / Harriet Ventum

London : Badcock, 1802


Ventum, H

Selima, or, The village tale / Harriet Ventum

London : Print. for the author, 1798


Vere, H

Guiscard, or, The mysterious accusation / Horace Vere

London : Newman, 1809


Verri, A

The Roman nights at the tomb of the Scipios / Alessandro Verri

Edinburgh : Constable, 1825


Vieusseux, A

Anselmo : a tale of Italy / Andre Vieusseux

London : Knight, 1825


Villiers, H

The Stranger's grave / Henry Villiers

London : Longman, 1823



The History of Candid, or, All for the best / Voltaire

London : Cooke, 1800



Zadig / Voltaire

London : Cooke, 1798


Von Thummel, M A

Journal of sentimental travels / Moritz A.von Thummel

London : Ackermann, 1821