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Belle-lettres General Catalogue: Y


Yates, G

The Ball, or, A glance at Almack's / G. Yates

London : Colburn, 1829



Eliza / Yeates

London : Tibson, 1800


Yonge, C M

P's and Q's, or, The question of putting upon / Charlotte M. Yonge

Leipzig : Tauchnitz, 1873



My master's secret / Yorke

London : Lane, Newman, 1805


Yorke, R P

The Haunted palace, or, The horrors of Ventoliene / R.P. Yorke

London : Earle and Hemet, 1801


Yorke, R P

The Romance of Smyrna, or, The prediction fulfilled! / R.P. Yorke

London : Earle and Hemet, 1801


Yosy, A

Tales from Switzerland / A. Yosy

London : Westley, 1822-23


Young, E

The Poetical works / Edward Young

London : Cooke, 1799?


Young, H M

The Castles of Marsange and Nuger / Henrietta M.Young

Faversharn : Warren, 1809


Young, M J

Donalda, or, The witches of Glenshiel / Mary J. Young

London : Hughes, 1805


Young, M J

The East Indian, or, Clifford Priory / Mary J. Young

London : Earle and Hemet, 1799


Young, M J

The Heir of Drumcondra, or, Family pride / Mary J. Young

London : Newman, 1810


Young, M J

Moss Cliff Abbey, or, The sepulchral harmonist / Mary J. Young

London : Crosby, 1803


Young, M J

The Mother and daughter / Mary J. Young

London : Hughes, 1804


Young, M J

Right or wrong, or, The kinsmen of Naples / Mary J. Young

London : Crosby, 1803


Young, M J

Rose-mount Castle, or, The false report / Mary J. Young

London : Lane, 1798


Young, M J

A Summer at Weymouth / Mary J.Young

London : Hughes, 1808


Young, M J

A Summer in Brighton / Mary J.Young

2nd ed. published: London : Hughes, 1807