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Belle-lettres General Catalogue: N


Nares, E

I says, says I / Edward Nares

London : Johnston, 1812


Nathan, E

Elvington / E. Nathan

London : Stockdale, 1819


Nathan, E

Langreath / Eliza Nathan

London : Whittaker, 1822


Neale, C

Lyrical dramas / Cornelius Neale

2nd ed. published: London : Holdsworth, 1819


Neale, E

Whychcotte of St John's / Erskine Neale

London : Wilson, 1833


Neale, W J

Cavendish / William J. Neale

London : Colburn, 1832


Neale, W J

The Port admiral / William J. Neale

London : Cochrane and M'Crone, 1833


Neal, J

Brother Jonathan / John Neal

Edinburgh : Blackwood, 1825


Neal, J

Logan / John Neal

London : Newman, 1823


Neal, J C

Peter Ploddy, and other oddities / Joseph C. Neal

Philadelphia : Carey & Hart, 1844


Neele, H

The Literary remains / Henry Neele

London : Smith, Elder, 1829


Neele, H

Poems / Henry Neele

New ed. published: London : Smith, Elder, 1827


Neele, H

The Romance of history / Henry Neele

London : Bull, 1828


Neri, M A

The Eve of San-Pietro / Mary A. Neri

London : Cadell and Davies, 1804


Newman, J H

Callista / John H. Newman

London : Burns and Lambert, 1856?



Reay Morden / Nibbs

Edinburgh : Douglas, 1829


Noble, TJulia, or, Pre-existent spirits / Thomas Noble

Derby : Pike, 1828


Nooth, C

Eglantine / Charlotte Nooth

London : Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1816



Euphronia, or, The captive / Norris

London : Colburn, 1810



Julia of England / Norris

London : Tipper, 1808



Olivia and Marcella / Norris

2nd ed. published: London : Crosby, 1807



Second love / Norris

London : Crosby, 1805


Norton, C E

The Sorrows of Rosalie / Caroline E. Norton

London : Ebers, 1829


Norton, C E

The Undying one : and other poems / Caroline E. Norton

London : Colburn and Bentley, 1830


Northcote, J

One hundred fables / James Northcote

London : Lawford, 1828


Nott, J

Sappho / John Nott

London : Cuthell and Martin, 1803


Novello, M S

A Day in Stowe Gardens / Mary S. Novello

London : Hunt, 1825


Nugent, G N

Legends of the library at Lilies / George N. Nugent

London : Longman, 1832