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Belle-lettres General Catalogue: K

Kavanagh, M P

The Wanderings of Lucan and Dinah / Morgan P. Kavanagh

London : Sherwood, 1824


Keats, J

Endymion / John Keats

London : Taylor and Hessey, 1818


Keats, J

Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of St Agnes / John Keats

London : Taylor and Hessey, 1820


Keats, J

Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of St Agnes / John Keats

London : Taylor and Hessey, 1820


Keelivine, C

Tales and sketches of the West of Scotland / Christopher Keelivine

Glasgow : Robertson and Atkinson, 1824


Keightley, T

Tales and popular fictions / Thoams Keightley

London : Whittaker, 1834



The Fatalists / Kelly

London : Newman, 1821



The Matron of Erin / [Kelly]

London : Simpkin and Marshall, 1816


Kelly, H

Memoirs of a Magdalen / Hugh Kelly

London : Cooke, 1795


Kelly, I

The Baron's daughter / Isabella Kelly

London : Lane, 1804


Kelly, I

Eva / Isabella Kelly

London : Lane, 1799


Kelly, I

Jane deDunstanville / Isabella Kelly

2nd ed. published: London : Newman, 1819


Kelly, I

Joscelina / Isabella Kelly

London : for the author, 1797


Kelly, I

A Modern incident in domestic life / Isabella Kelly

Brentford : Norbury, 1803


Kelly, I

The Ruins of Avondale Priory / Isabella Kelly

London : Lane, 1796


Kelly, I

Ruthinglenne, or, The critical moment / Isabella Kelly

London : Lane, 1801


Kelly, I

The Secret / Isabella Kelly

Brentford : Norbury, 1805


Kelly, M A

Osmond / Mary A. Kelly

2nd ed. published: London : Whittaker, 1823


Kelly, R N

Frederick Dornton / R.N. Kelly

London : Newman, 1822


Kelty, M A

The Story of Isabel / Mary A.Kelty

London : Longman, 1826


Kelty, M A

Trials / Mary A. Kelty

London : Whittaker, 1824



Moreland Manor / Kendal

London : Longman, 1806


Kendall, A

Derwent Priory / A. Kendall

London : Symonds, 1798


Kendall, A

Tales of the abbey / A. Kendall

London : Symonds, 1800


Kendrick, T T

The Travellers / Tertius T. Kendrick

London : Arnold, 1825


Kennedy, G

The Acceptance / Grace Kennedy

London : Booth, 1810


Kennedy, G

The Decision / Grace Kennedy

London : Colburn, 1811


Kennedy, G

Dunallan / Grace Kennedy

2nd ed. published: Edinburgh : Oliphant, 1825


Kennedy, G

Florence / Grace Kennedy

London : Whittaker, Treacher, 1829


Kennedy, G

Philip Colville / Grace Kennedy

Edinburgh : Oliphant, 1825


Kennedy, G

Willoughby, or, Reformation / Grace Kennedy

London : Rivington, 1823


Kennedy, R H

DeClifford / Richard H. Kennedy

London : Richardson, 1824


Kennedy, W

The Arrow and the rose / William Kennedy

London : Smith, Elder, 1830


Kennedy, W

Fitful fancies / William Kennedy

London : Oliver and Boyd, 1827


Kenney, J

A House out at windows / James Kenney

London : Chapple, 1817


Kenney, J

Raising the wind / James Kenney

2nd ed. published: London : Longman and Rees, 1804


Kenney, J

The Touchstone, or, The world as it goes / James Kenney

London : Chapple, 1817


Kenney, J

Valdi, or, The libertine's son / James Kenney

London : Longman, 1820


Ker, A

Adeline St. Julian / Anne Ker

London : Kerby, 1800


Ker, A

Edric, the forester / Anne Ker

London : Printed for the author, 1817


Ker, A

Emmeline / Anne Ker

London : Kerby, 1801


Ker, A

The Heiress di Montalde / Anne Ker

London : for the author, 1799


Ker, A

Modern faults / Anne Ker

London : Ker, 1804


Ker, A

The Mysterious count / Anne Ker

London : Printed for the author, 1803


Kerr, C

The Croisade, or, The palmer's pilgrimage / Charles Kerr

Edinburgh : Constable, 1821


Kilgour, A

Anecdotes of Lord Byron / Alexander Kilgour

London : Knight and Lacey, 1825


King, S

The Adventures of Victor Allen / Sophia Allen

London : Hodgson, 1805


King, S

Cordelia / Sophia King

London : Lane, 1799


King, W

The Parricide / William King

London : Simpkin and Marshall, 1833


King, W

Political and literary anecdotes / William King

London : Murray, 1819


Knickerbocker, D

A History of New York / Diedrich Knickerbocker

London : Murray, 1820


Knight, A

Mornings in the library / Ann Knight

London : Souter, 1828


Knight, E C

Sir Guy de lusignan / Ellis C.Knight

London : Saunders and Otley, 1833


Knight, E P

A Chip off the old block / Edward P. Knight

London : Chapple, 1815


Knight, H G

Phrosyne / Henry Gally Knight

London : Murray, 1817


Knight, R P

Alfred / Richard Payne Knight

London : Longman, 1823


Knowles, J S

Alfred, the Great, or, The patriot king / James S. Knowles

London : Ridgway, 1831


Knowles, J S

The Magdalen / James S. Knowles

London : Moxon, 1832


Knowles, J S

Virginius / James S. Knowles

4th ed. published: London : Ridgway, 1820


Knox, V

Elegant epistles / edited by Vicesimus Knox

New ed. published: London : Longman, 1794


Knox, V

Elegant extracts, or, Useful and entertaining passages in prose /

Vicesimus Knox

7th ed. published: London : Law, 1797


Knox, V

Elegant extracts, or, Useful and entertaining pieces of poetry,

selected for the improvement of youth, in speaking, reading,

thinking, composing, and in the conduct of life : being similar in

design to elegant extracts in prose / Vicesimus Knox

2nd ed. published: London : Dilly, 1784


Kotzebue, A von

How to die for love! / August von Kotzebue

3rd ed. publsihed : London : Chapple, 1816


Kotzebue, A von

Sighs, or, The daughter / August von Kotzebue

5th ed. published: London : Stace, 1799


Kramer, C

Naubert, C B

Walter de Monbary / Carl G. Kramer ; Christiane B. Naubert

London : Lane and Newman, 1803