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General Women's Writing: D


D'Aubigne, Frances

The Express: a Novel. In 3 vols. / by Frances D'Aubigne

London: Newman, 1819.

3 vols: I 218p; II 210p; III 208p

ISBN 3-628-47423-X

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Dacre, Charlotte]

Pseud: Rosa Matilda

Confessions of the Nun of St. Omer: a Tale. In 3 vols. / by Rosa Matilda.

London: Hughes, 1805.

3 vols: I 234p; II 192p; III 192p.

ISBN 3-628-47385-3

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


Dacre, Charlotte

The Libertine. In 4 vols. / by Charlotte Dacre, better known as Rosa Matilda.

3rd ed.

London: Cadell and Davies, 1807.

4 vols: I 268p; II 260p; III 245p; IV 224p.

ISBN 3-628-47386-1

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Dacre, Charlotte]

Pseud: Rosa Matilda

The Passions. In 4 vols. / by Rosa Matilda.

London: Cadell and Davies, 1811.

4 vols: I 287p; II 292p; III 252p; IV 340p.

ISBN 3-628-47387-X

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Dacre, Charlotte]

Zofloya: or, The Moor; a Romance of the Fifteenth Century. In 3 vols. / by Charlotte Dacre, better known as Rosa Matilda.

London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806.

3 vols: I 283p; II 283p; III 236p.

ISBN 3-628-47388-8

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


Dagley, Elizabeth F.

The Birthday: with Other Tales / by Elizabeth Frances Dagley.

London: Bulcock, 1828.

1 vol: vi, 270p, ill.

ISBN 3-628-51014-7

microfiche: 1 (Belser)


[Damer, Anne S.]

Belmour: a Novel. In 3 vols. / by Anne Seymour Damer.

London: Johnson, 1801.

3 vols: I 256p; II 300p; III 332p.

ISBN 3-628-47234-2

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

An Angel's Form and a Devil's Heart: a Novel. In 4 vols.

London: Newman, 1818.

4 vols: I 227p; II 248p; III 242p; IV 266p.

ISBN 3-628-47426-4

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

Donald Monteith, the Hamdsomest Man of the Age: a Novel. In 5 vols.

London: Newman, 1815.

5 vols: I 212p; II 229p; III 251p; IV 264p; V 268p.

ISBN 3-628-47428-0

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

The Hypocrite: or, The Modern Janus; a Novel. In 5 vols.

London: Newman, 1814.

5 vols: I 221p; II 222p; III 243p; IV 259p; V 261p.

ISBN 3-628-47429-9

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

Italian Vengeance and English Forbearence: a Romance.

London: Newman, 1828.

3 vols: I 274p; II 274p; III 270p.

ISBN 3-628-47427-2

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

Leap Year: or, Woman's Privilege; a Novel. In 5 vols.

London: Newman, 1817.

5 vols: I 209p; II 214p; III 211p; IV 235p; V 185p.

ISBN 3-628-47372-1

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

The Original of the Miniature: a Novel. In 4 vols.

London: Newman, 1816.

4 vols: I 227p; II 229p; III 246p; IV 246p.

ISBN 3-628-47373-X

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

Personation: a Novel. In 3 vols.

London: Newman, 1834.

3 vols: I 295p; II 273p; III 277p.

ISBN 3-628-47374-8

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

Preference: a Novel. In 2 vols.

London: Newman, 1824.

2 vols: I 283p; II 224p.

ISBN 3-628-47375-6

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

The Queen's Page: a Romance. In 3 vols.

London: Newman, 1831.

3 vols: I 263p; II 274p; III 280p.

ISBN 3-628-47376-4

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

The Sons of the Viscount. And the Daughters of the Earl: a Novel; Depicting Recent Scenes in Fashionable Life. In 4 vols. / by a Lady.

London: Colburn, 1813.

4 vols: I 220p; II 235p; III 222p; IV 250p.

ISBN 3-628-48711-0

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Davenport, Selina]

The Unchanged: a Novel. In 3 vols.

London: Newman, 1832.

3 vols: I 286p; II 273p; III 285p.

ISBN 3-628-47377-2

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


'De Acton, Eugenia'

See: Lewis, Alethia Brereton


'De Lisle, Emma'

 See: Parker, Emma


[Demont, Louise]

Journal of the Visit of Her Majesty the Queen, to Tunis, Greece, and Palestine.

London: 1821.

ISBN 3-487-26708-X

microfiche: 1 (OLMS)


[Dennis, Thomasine]

Sophia St. Clare: a Novel. In 2 vols.

London: Johnson, 1806.

2 vols: I 200p; II 204p.

ISBN 3-628-48714-5

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Derenzy, Margaret G.]

The Old Irish Knight: a Milesian Tale of the Fifth Century. / by the Author of 'A Whisper to a Newly-Married Pair.'

London: Poole and Edwards, 1828.

1 vol: 186p.

ISBN 3-628-48291-7

microfiche: 1 (Belser)


Des Straella, Leonora

The English Baronet: a Novel. In 3 vols. / by Leonora des Straella.

London: Newman, 1826.

3 vols: I 230p; II 219p; III 195p.

ISBN 3-628-47431-0

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Dickinson, Eleanor]

The Mamluk: a Poem.

London: Wilson, 1830.

1 vol: 224p.

ISBN 3-628-54423-8

microfiche: 1 (Belser)


[Doherty, Ann]

'St. Ann'

The Castles of Wolfnorth and Mont Eagle: 'a Tale of the Times of Old. The Deeds of Days of Other Years.' In 4 vols. / by St. Ann

London: Hookham et al., 1812.

ISBN 3-628-47239-3

4 vols: I 381p, ill; II 355p, ill; III 343p, ill; IV 328p, ill.

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Doherty, Ann]

The Knight of the Glen: an Irish Romance. In 2 vols. / by the Author of 'The Castles of Wolfnorth and Monteagle'

London: Walker, 1815.

2 vols: I 242p; II 210p.

ISBN 3-628-47982-7

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


Doherty, [Ann]

Ronaldsha: a Romance. In 2 vols. / by Mrs. Doherty.

London: Symonds 1808.

2 vols: I xlv, 173p; II 26p.

ISBN 3-628-47442-6

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Dufour, Camilla]

Aurora: or, The Mysterious Beauty: Altered from the French. In 2 vols.

London: Crosby et al., 1803.

2 vols: I 190p II 172p.

ISBN 3-628-47490-6

microfiche: 1 (Belser)