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General Women's Writing: V


Ventum, Harriet 

Justina; or, the History of a Young Lady

Vol. 1-4. London: Badcock, 1802.

ISBN 3-628-48909-1

microfiche: 4


[Ventum, Harriet]

Selima, or the Village Tale

Vol. 1-6. London: Printed for the authoress, [1798]

ISBN 3-628-45173-6

microfiche: 6


Villa-Real Gooch, Eliz[abeth] S.

Truth and Fiction

Vol. 1-4. London: Apollo Press, 1801.

ISBN 3-628-48916-4

microfiche: 4


Villa-Real Gooch, [Elizabeth S.]

Fancied Events

Vol. 1-2. London: Cawthorn, 1799.

ISBN 3-628-45075-6

microfiche: 2


Villa-Real Gooch, [Elizabeth S.]

Sherwood Forest

Vol. 1-3. London: Highley, 1804.

ISBN 3-628-47837-5

microfiche: 3