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General Women's Writing: F


[Fenwick, Eliza] 

Secresy: or, The Ruin On the Rock. In 3 vols. / by a Woman.

London: Printed for the author, [1795].

3 vols: I iv, 228p; II 216p; III 195p.

ISBN 3-628-45172-8

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone]

Destiny: or, The Chief's Daughter. In 3 vols. / by the Author of 'Marriage'

Edinburgh: Cadell et al., 1831.

3 vols: I 337p; II 407p; III 399p.

ISBN 3-628-47415-9

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone]

The Inheritance. In 3 vols. / by the Author of 'Marriage.'

Edinburgh: Blackwood et al., 1824.

3 vols: I 387p; II 415p; III 359p.

ISBN 3-628-47877-4

microfiche: 5 (Belser)


[Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone]

Marriage: a Novel. In 3 vols.

Edinburgh: Blackwood et al., 1818.

3 vols: I 319p; II 314p; III 343p.

ISBN 3-628-48159-7

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


'Fitz John, Matilda'

Joan!!!: a Novel. In 4 vols. / by Matilda Fitz John.

London: Hockham and Carpenter, 1796.

4 vols: I 268p; II 280p; III 298p; IV 345p.

ISBN 3-628-45045-4

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


Fordyce, Henrietta

Memoir of the Late Mrs. Henrietta Fordyce, Relict of James Fordyce: Containing Original Letters, Anecdotes, and Pieces of Poetry; to Which is Added a Sketch of the Life of James Fordyce.

London: Hurst, Robinson et al., 1823.

1 vol: 139p.

(not yet available in microfiche)


Fortnum, Sophia

See: King, Sophia


Frances, Sophia

Angelo Guicciardini: or, The Bandit of the Alps; a Romance. In 4 vols. / by Sophia Frances.

London: Colburn, 1809.

4 vols: 272p; II 284p; III 258p; IV 376p.

ISBN 3-628-47810-3

microfiche: 15 (Belser)


Frances, Sophia

Constance de Lindensdorf: or, The Force of Bigotry; a Tale. In 4 vols. / by Sophia Frances.

London: Lane, Newman, 1807.

4 vols: I 286p, ill; II 266p; III 244p; IV 260p.

ISBN 3-628-47831-6

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Frances, Sophia]

Vivonio: or, The Hour of Retribution; a Romance. In 4 vols. / by a Young Lady.

London: Lane, Newman, 1806.

4 vols: I 286p; II 272p; III 298p; IV 348p.

ISBN 3-628-47834-0

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


Frank, Elizabeth

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Lindley Murray: in a Series of Letters, Written by Himself, with a Preface, and a continuation of the Memoirs / by Elizabeth Frank.

London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1826.

1 vol: xiv, 280p, ill.

(not yet available in microfiche)


[Freygang, Frederika von]

Letters from the Caucasus and Georgia.

London: Murray, 1823.

1 vol: xiv, 414p, ill.

ISBN 3-487-27661-5

Microfiche: 3 (OLMS)


[Fry, Caroline]

The Listener. In 2 vols.

London: Nisbet, 1830.

2 vols: I iv, 365p; II 344p.

ISBN 3-628-51189-5

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


Fuller, [Anne]

Alan FitzOsborne: an Historical Tale. In 2 vols. / by Miss Fuller.

2nd ed.

London: Wilkins, 1787.

2 vols: I 214p; II 232p.

ISBN 3-628-45080-2

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Fuller, Anne]

The Son of Ethelwolf: an Historical Tale. In 2 vols. / by the Author of 'Alan Fitz-Osborne,' &c.

London: Robinson, 1800.

2 vols: I vii, 235p; II 209p.

ISBN 3-628-48710-2

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Fullerton, Lady Georgiana]

Ellen Middleton.

(Collection of British and American Authors)

Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1846.

(not yet available in microfiche)


[Fullerton, Lady Georgiana]

Grantley Manor: a Tale.

(Collection of Ancient and Modern British Authors)

Paris: Baudry, 1847.

1 vol: 310p.

ISBN 3-628-47483-3

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


Fullerton, Georgiana 

A Stormy Life. In 2 vols.

(Collection of British and American Authors)

Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1867.

(not yet available in microfiche)