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General Women's Writing: I

Inchbald, [Elizabeth] (ed.)

The British Theatre: or, A Collection of Plays, Which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket; Printed Under the Authority of the Managers from the Prompt Books. In 25 vols. / with Biographical and Critical Remarks by Mrs. Inchbald.

London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808.

25 vols:

1. Comedy of Errors, Romeo and Juliet etc. / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.

2. King Henry IV, Pt. 1.; King Henry IV, Pt. 2. etc. / [by William Shakspeare].

3. As You Like It, Merry Wives of Windsor etc. / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.

4. King Lear, Cymbeline etc. / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.

5. Coriolanus, Othello / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.

6. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, Chances / [by Beaumont and Fletcher], etc; ill.

7. Isabella. Oroonoko / [by Thomas Southern], etc; ill.

8. Constant Couple, etc. / [by George Farquhar] etc; ill.

9. The Provoked Wife, The Provoked Husband / [by John Vanbrugh] etc; ill.

10. Tamerlane, The Fair Penitent / [by Nicholas Rowe] etc; ill.

11. The Busybody, The Wonder / [by Mrs. Centlivre] etc; ill.

12. The Orphan, Venice Preserved / [by Thomas Otway] etc; ill.

13. Love for Love, The Mourning Bride / [by William Congreve] etc; ill.

14. The Man of the World / [by Charles Macklin], The Foundling / [by Edward Moore] etc; ill.

15. Barbarossa / [by Dr. Brown], The Way to Keep Him / [by Arthur Murphy] etc; ill.

16. The Country girl / [by David Garrick], The Jealous Wife / [by George Colman] etc; ill.

17. The Good-natured Man, She Stoops to Conquer / [Oliver Goldsmith] etc; ill.

18. The Brothers, The West Indian / [by Richard Cumberland]; ill.

19. The Earl of Warwick / [by Dr. Fanklin], The Rivals / [by Richard Brinsley Sheridan] etc; ill.

20. The Dramatist / [by Frederick Reynolds], The Count of Narbonne / [ by Robert Jephson] etc; ill.

21. The Mountaineers, The Iron Chest, etc. / [ by George Colman]; ill.

22. The Castle of Andalusia, Fontainbleau / [ by John O'Keeffe] etc; ill.

23. Such Things Are, Everyone has his Fault etc. / [by Mrs. Inchbald]; ill.

24. The Road to Ruin, The Deserted Daughter / [ by Thomas Holcroft]; ill.

25. The Way to Get Married, The Cure for the Heart Ache / [ by Thomas Morton] etc; ill.

ISBN 3-628-53818-4

microfiche: 125 (Belser)


Inchbald, [Elizabeth] (ed.)

A Collection of Farces and Other Afterpieces, which are Acted at the Theatres-Royal, Drury-Lane. Covent-Garden, and Hay-Market: Printed Under the Authority of the Managers from the Prompt Book. In 7 vols. / Selected by Mrs. Inchbald.

London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1815.

7 vols:

  1. Child of Nature. Wedding Day &c. -- 337p;
  2. The Birth-day. The Jew and the Doctor &c. -- 321p;

III. Hartford Bridge. Netley Abbey &c. -- 304p;

IV. All the World's Stage. Lying Valet &c. -- 288p;

V. High Life Below Stairs. Bon Ton &c. -- 366p;

VI. The Deuce is in Him. Edgar and Emmeline &c. -- 325p;

VII. Lodoiska. Ways and Means &c. -- 318p.

(not yet available in microfiche)


Inchbald, Elizabeth

Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald: Including Her Familiar Correspondence with the Most Distinguished Persons of Her Time. The Massacre etc: Now First Published from Her Autograph Copies / by Elizabeth Inchbald. In 2 vols. Edited by James Boaden.

London: Bentley, 1833.

2 vols: I xi, 380p: ill II vii, 375p.

(not yet available in microfiche)


Inchbald, [Elizabeth]

The Modern Theatre: a Collection of Successful Modern Plays, as Acted at the Theatre-Royal, London; Printed from the Prompt Books Under the Authority of the Managers. In 10 vols. / by Mrs. Inchbald.

London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1811.

10 vols:

  1. The Will. The Rage &c. 347p:
  2. Speculation. The Delinquent &c. 353p:
  3. Votary of wealth. Zorinski &c. 319p:
  4. Duplicity. School for Arrogance &c. 411p:
  5. False Impressions. Mysterious Husband. 336p.
  6. Imposters. Wife of Two Husbands &c. 325p:
  7. I'll Tell You What. Next Door Neighbours &c. 309p:
  8. Matilda. Mary, Queen of Scots &c. 362p:
  9. The Bank Note. Chapter of Accidents &c. 396p:

10. Fashionable Levities. Time's a Tell-Tale &c. [n.p.].

 (not yet available in microfiche)


Inchbald, [Elizabeth]

Nature and Art. In 2 vols. / by Mrs. Inchbald.

2nd ed. (corrected and improved)

London: Robinson, 1797.

2 vols: 192p; II 202p.

ISBN 3-628-45087-X

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


Inchbald, [Elizabeth] 

A Simple Story. In 4 vols. / Mrs. Inchbald.

4th ed.

London: Robinson, 1799.

4 vols: I 232p; II 255p; III 212p; IV 157p.

ISBN 3-628-45086-1

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


Inchbald, [Elizabeth]

To Marry, or Not to Marry: a Comedy, in 5 Acts; as Performed at the Theatre-royal, Covent-Garden / by Mrs Inchbald.

2nd ed.

London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1805.

1 vols: 85p.

(not available in microfiche)


[Isaacs, Mrs.]

Ariel: or, The Invisible Monitor. In 4 vols.

London: Lane, 1801

4 vols: I 359p: ill; II 269p; III 297p; IV 344p.

ISBN 3-628-47070-6

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Isaacs, Mrs.]

Earl Osric: or, The Legend of Rosamond; a Romance. In 3 vols.

London: Chapple et al., 1820.

3 vols: I 263p; II 315p; III (pt. 1) 236p; (pt 2.) 238p - 436p.

ISBN 3-628-47948-7

Microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Isaacs, Mrs.]

Ella St. Laurence: or, The Village of Selwood and Its Inhabitants; a Novel. In 4 vols.

London: Chapple, 1809.

(not yet available in microfiche)


[Isaacs, Mrs.]

Glenmore Abbey: or, The Lady of the Rock; a Novel. In 3 vols. / by the Author of 'Ariel.'

London: Lane and Newman, 1805.

3 vols: I 259; II  254p; III 250p.

ISBN 3-628-47819-7

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Isaacs, Mrs.]

Tales of Today. In 3 vols.

London: Chapple, 1816.

3 vols:

  1. 'The Heiress of Riversdale'; 335p;
  2. Continuation of 'The Heiress of Riversdale', 'Juliet'; 336p;

III. Continuation of 'Juliet', 'The Sisters'; 375p.

ISBN 3-628-51068-6

Microfiche: 3


[Issacs, Mrs.]

The Wood Nymph: a Novel. In 3 vols. / by the Author of 'Ariel.'

London: Lane and Newman, 1806.

3 vols: I 224p; II 224p; III 208p.

ISBN 3-628-48980-6

microfiche: 3 (Belser)