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General Women's Writing: E


[Eaton, Charlotte Anne] 

At Home and Abroad: or, Memoirs of Emily de Cardonnell; a Novel. In 3 vols. / by the author of 'Rome in the Nineteenth Century.'

London: Murray, 1831.

3 vols: I xv, 345p; II 350p; III 316p.

ISBN 3-628-47084-6

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Eaton, Charlotte Anne]

Continental Adventures: a Novel. In 3 vols.

London: Hurst, Robinson, 1826.

3 vols: I xi, 384p; II 321p; III 400p.

ISBN 3-628-47324-1

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Eaton, Charlotte Anne]

Rome in the Nineteenth Century: Containing a Complete Account of the Ruins of the Ancient City, the Remains of the Middle Ages, and the Monuments of Modern Times,…; in a Series of Letters Written During a Residence at Rome, in the Years 1817 and 1818. In 3 vols.

Edinburgh: Constable, 1820.

3 vols: I xviii, viii, 368p; ix, II 433p, ill; III ix, 424p.

ISBN 3-487-29222-X

microfiche: 6 (OLMS)


[Eaton, Charlotte A.]

Vittoria Colonna: a Tale of Rome, in the Nineteenth Century. In 3 vols.

Edinburgh: Blackwood et al., 1827.

3 vols: I 278p; II 247p; III 252p.

ISBN 3-628-48919-9

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Edgeworth, Maria] (Link to 'Shameless Scribblers' bio-sketch)

Belinda. In 3 vols.

2nd ed. (corrected and improved)

London: Johnson, 1802.

3 vols: I 370p; II 388p; III 360p.

ISBN 3-628-47557-0

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Edgeworth, Maria]

Castle Rackrent: an Hibernian Tale; Taken from Facts, and from the Manners of the Irish Squires, Before the Year 1782.

3rd ed.

London: Johnson, 1801.

1 vol: xvi, 214p.

ISBN 3-628-47575-9

microfiche: 1 (Belser)


[Edgeworth, Maria]

Comic Dramas: in 3 Acts.

London: Hunter et al., 1817.

1 vol: vii, 381p.

ISBN 3-628-53941-2

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


Edgeworth, [Maria]

Ennui: or, Memoirs of the Earl of Glenthorn; a Novel / by Miss Edgeworth.

Paris: Truchy, 1847.

1 vol: 383p.

ISBN 3-628-47572-4

microfiche: 1 (Belser)


[Edgeworth, Maria]

Harrington, and Ormond: Tales. In 3 vols.

2nd ed. (corrected)

London: Hunter, et al., 1817.

3 vols: I v, 513p; II 422p; III 352p.

ISBN 3-628-47570-8

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


[Edgeworth, Maria]

Helen: a Tale. In 3 vols.

London: Bentley, 1817.

3 vols: I 336p; II 336p; III 322p.

ISBN 3-628-47496-5

microfiche: 5 (Belser)


Edgeworth, Maria

Helen: a Tale. In 1 vol.

Paris: Baudry, 1837.

1 vol: 410p.

ISBN 3-628-47569-4

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


Edgeworth, [Maria]

Leonora. In 2 vols. / by Miss Edgeworth.

London: Johnson, 1806.

2 vols: I 291p; II 291p.

ISBN 3-628-47571-6

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


Edgeworth, Maria and Richard Edgeworth

Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth. In 2 vols. / Begun by Himself and Concluded by…Maria Edgeworth.

London: Hunter et al., 1820.

2 vols: I 392p, ill; II vii, 498p, ill.

(not yet available as microfiche)


Edgeworth, [Maria]

The Modern Griselda: a Tale / by Miss Edgeworth.

2nd ed. (corrected)

London: Johnson, 1805.

1 vol: 203p.

ISBN 3-628-47573-2

microfiche: 1 (Belser)


Edgeworth, Maria

Patronage. In 4 vols.

2nd ed.

London: Johnson, 1814.

4 vols: I 418p; II 431p; III 400p; IV 388p.

ISBN 3-628-47574-0

microfiche: 5 (Belser)


[Edgeworth, Maria]

Popular Tales.

[London]: Johnson, 1804.

3 vols: I iv, 384p; II 367p; III 394p.

ISBN 3-628-47576-7

microfiche: 4 (Belser)


Edgeworth, [Maria]

Tales of Fashionable Life. In 6 vols. / by Miss Edgeworth.

4th ed.

London: Johnson, 1813.

6 vols:

  1. 'Ennui'; viii, 417p;
  2. 'Almeria', 'Madame de Fleury,' and 'The Dun'; 390p.

III. 'Manoeuvring'; 388p.

IV. 'Vivian'; viii, 460p.

V. 'Emilie de Coulanges' and the beginning of 'The Absentee'; 392p.

VI. Conclusion of 'The Absentee'; 452p.

ISBN 3-628-47534-1

microfiche: 27 (Belser)


[Edridge, Rebecca]

The Highest Castle and the Lowest Cave: or, Events of the Days Which are Gone. In 3 vols.

London: Whittaker, 1825.

3 vols: I 312p; II 300p; III 271p.

ISBN 3-628-47515-5

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


[Edridge, Rebecca]

The Scrinium. In 2 vols.

London: Whittaker, 1822.

2 vols: I viii, 355p; II iv, 380p.

ISBN 3-628-47514-7

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


'Elizabeth, Charlotte'

See: Tonna, Charlotte Elizabeth


Elliott, Mary

Confidential Memoirs: or, Adventures of a Parrot, a Greyhound, a Cat, and a Monkey / by Mary Elliott, late Belson.

London: Darton, 1821.

1 vol: 254p, ill.

ISBN 3-628-52303-6

microfiche: 1 (Belser)


Ellis, [Sarah]

Look to the End: or, The Bennets Abroad / by Mrs Ellis,

London: Fisher, [1845].

2 vols: I viii, 359p; II 347p.

ISBN 3-628-47533-3

microfiche: 8 (Belser)


[Elson, Jane]

Romance of the Castle. In 2 vols.

London: Lane, 1800.

2 vols: I ii, 236p, ill; II 238p.

ISBN 3-628-48470-7

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Elson, Jane]

The Village Romance. In 2 vols.

London: Lane and Newman, 1802.

2 vols: I 316p, ill; II 311p.

ISBN 3-628-47558-9

microfiche: 2 (Belser)


[Elwood, Anne K.]

Narrative of a Journey Overland from England, by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red Sea to India.

London: 1830.

ISBN 3-487-27490-6

microfiche: 10 (OLMS)


Ennis, A[licia] M[argaret]

The Contested Election: or, A Courtier's Promises. In 3 vols. / by A. M. Ennis.

London: Newman, 1820.

3 vols: I viii, 302p; II 305p; III 316p.

ISBN 3-628-47461-2

microfiche: 3 (Belser)


'Erskine, Esme Steuart'

See: Norton, Eliza B.