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Projects Commenced 2009/10

Keen to explore and promote new areas of development, the CPLA CETL has expanded the project scheme by introducing interdisciplinary projects. Working in collaboration with the CIPEL CETL, 14 small projects and 7 interdisciplinary projects are being funded through financial provision, workshops and at-elbow support.

Project summaries available here

Supporting Student Learning by Embedding Writing and Speaking Skills

(Sue Forder, Cathy Malone and Karen Vernon-Parry)

The Sheffield Enterprise Events Company (SEEC)

(Simon Clark and Charmaine Myers)

A Buddy Scheme - Supporting Transition and Progression for students with Aspergers Syndrome

(Clare Graham and Joanna Hastwell)

Work Based Projects in the Humanities: autonomous learners and satisfied students?

(Alison McHale)

Faculty of Development & Society's Arundel Learning Hub and the Foundation Degree in Early Years within the CASECC Programme Area

(Mary Haynes, Jon Inns and Penny Borkett)

"If you build it" they won't necessarily come! Reinvigorating student representative engagement in partnership with students

(Mark O'Hara, Abbi Flint, Danielle Dixon, Nicky Harris, student representatives)

Students as researchers: a student led collaborative project to evaluate and develop study skills resources to support autonomous learning for Real Estate Undergraduate students

(Cathy Malone, Sarah Ward, Frances Hyde, Jill Fortune, Nicola Harris)

Developing Academic Skills of First Year Radiotherapy & Oncology Level 4 students

(Jo Doughty, Cathy Malone)

Transition into and through Higher Education for pre-registration nursing students

(John Freeman, Barry Aveyard, Jackie Parkin, Claire Walsh)

Enhancing Literacy Skills and Encouraging Evidence based Autonomy for Bioscience Students

(Jane Gurman, Caroline Dalton, Cathy Malone, Emma Finney, Kathy Rawlinson and Cathy Rawlinson)

Developing a student-centred placement preparation framework

(Rachael Bower, Maria Scheule, Cristina Moreno-Lopez, Student Representatives)

The Graduate Consulting and Research Unit

(Lakshmi Damodaran, Robin Lowe, Andy Cropper, Christine O'Leary)

Masters Induction for All - development of a distance learning, stand-alone, electronic learning object for all (international and UK based) students accessing any Level 7 modules

(Christine Ferris, Patricia Foster and Alison Purvis)

Enquiry based learning [EBL] for Science of Imaging Technology

(Sarah Naylor, Neil Inns)

Project summaries available here

Collaborative Architectural Technology / Virtual Reality project to support the design of new buildings for Shirebrook Academy

(Penny Collier, Geoff Birkett, Richard Mather)

Nursing IT: A Peer Assisted Learning Project for Nursing and IT Students

(Bridget Winwood, Anne Nortcliffe, Elaine Stringer, Andrea Kelcher, Peter Cogill)

Assessing and Enhancing Learning Autonomy through Cross-Cultural Learning between Languages and Business Students

(Kiefer Lee, Christine O’Leary, Christina Lopez Moreno, Janet Laffin, John Bowden)

Secondary ITT modules in D&T, Mathematics and Science - with particular emphasis on a year two module called 'Developing as a Teacher'

(Terry Hudson, Rowan Todd, John Lee, Colin Jackson,Tony Cowell)

Management Strategy Game Framework

(Martin Beer, Matthew Love, Terry Keefe, Iain Snelling)

A Sustainable Marriage

(Lesley Campbell, Abdul Hoque, Jane Blohm)

Interdisciplinary and cross year course Mentoring & integration

(Chris Short)